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  1. I too have complained about getting these a long long time ago. I put myself in this box and restricted myself from even attempting WvW... I was so foolish. After I started dabbling in it I ended up really enjoying it. Now here I am with way more GoBs than I will ever need and almost half way to 10k rank. But to stay on topic just because you do not want to do something does not mean there needs to be another way of doing it. What do you think the word Battle means ? I mean its not the Gift of Bank Sitting now is it. 🤣
  2. Only speaking to what I know. I played Ultima Online until EA took over and ruined the game. What companies like to do is "Make their mark" and it typically impacts the games core components. Which ruins it for veteran players to the point they get disgruntled and leave. Flash forward 5 to 10 years later when you hear news of new "legacy servers" to try and draw people back.
  3. Easy question for me because I have already done it before. EA is a mmo destroyer. They come in kill what the game used to be then sell it to someone who will maintain it. I would literally stop playing the day the news broke.
  4. Time vs Reward I am a big believer that things that take more time should give you better rewards. I always thought that they should have 3 tiers. Easy which would give 50 silver, Moderate 1 gold, and Hard 1.5 gold. So if you did 3 hard 4.5 gold. I find it odd that I can play 1 pvp match and get my daily done in the time a person maybe had found a few events on a map. Just seems off to me.
  5. Just wanted to mention again bring back the mobility from the first beta. In general it was more fun to play.
  6. Its not a bad idea, I have three sets of Armor and since we have the legendary armory is out I don't really have a need to make more legendary armor pieces. Nor do I need the ring. I raid now for the fun of it along with a little gold but it would be nice to have something to spend my raid currency on... First world problems I know.
  7. Whats the fair market value of what is currently out here that is able to be sold? Gen 1's are the only legendary weapons that can be sold so the reference has to be to them. The two sentences are separate and I admit i should have only copied to the first period. But either way my original statement still holds true at least to the information that was provided. There is no market value for gen 2's because they can not be sold. As for the precursors for sale they are going to be sky high for a few years. Unless they are easy to make. Then people would not need to buy them. So I am guessi
  8. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/a-closer-look-at-the-guild-wars-2-end-of-dragons-legendary-weapons/ "Speaking of the resources, what are these going to cost you? Well, fair market value will be an option. Similar to the first generation of legendaries"
  9. I wouldn't hold my breath. There are currently 3 methods to acquiring a legendary set. Do we really need a 4th just because people don't like the ways they are obtained because there are difficulties in getting them? I would vote no. I'm already a little miffed that they are lowering the cost of gen 3 legendary weapons (comparing to gen 2) and making them tradable and not taking any consideration on how costly gen 2's are. So if they go adding more ways to obtain armor I would hope it would be comparable to the other methods currently in game. In Time, Cost, and difficulty.
  10. Its an okay Idea. But no matter how I look at it. I am only crafting one of each legendary weapon at max regardless of generation. Having multiple of the same type really does not appeal to me. I know the different sets have a moderately different look/theme but maybe it would have been better to make them dye-able and only have one set. In my opinion that would have made these way more special. If the price to make these are going to be near the same as gen 1's. I think its time we take a hard look at what it cost to make gen 2's.
  11. Such a troll post. I guess ill contribute by adding my unreasonable request. Please unlock all items in the legendary armory. I'm having a hard time getting them. Thanks!
  12. You can also get any other legendary for playing the game as well!
  13. It handles to much like a skimmer. Other than that it was fun.
  14. When I look at AP I use it to measure three things. Dedication to the game How long you've been playing Experience in breadth of content Sub10k newish to the game 10k to 20k veteran to the game 20k to 30k Expert to the game 30k to 40k Pro to the game 40k and up Achievement Hunter Notice I did not say skill haha! Basically AP to me show how much you have been through. I personally have a decent amount of AP and I am not an achievement hunter. Most of mine came through natural play. Most days I play for at least a few hours and I don't get the daily done. There are
  15. Above was my first take on the Harbinger. Now... I went from loving this class to not wanting to play it anymore. It was the only specialization that I was excited about from EoD after the first beta. Now after the changes to the mobility It doesn't really feel fun to me anymore. Please give us access to all our utility skills while in shroud. Forcing ones hand to pick specific utilities is old thinking. There is no reason to remove them. I was still able to kill things with ease and didn't have much trouble doing so. But I was unable to keep using the class because playing th
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