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Fanmade Elite Spec!

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This is not something i want to see, but its something i think might be really cool. So im going over all classes when i have the time to create my own specializations.
I will not execute them in 100% detail but i try to make them as fully fledged as possible it goes mostly about what the special ability it gets etc perhaps the new weapon and the weapon attacks. And perhaps a name.

Ofcourse give your oppinions, im not checking powerscalin since that is mostly done by editing damage values and timers on locks dazes cooldowns etc.
Its mostly if you think its cool idea's

First of all i think it would be cool to be able to wield 2 elite Specs but im not sure how it would work out exactly. Since with all of mine added it would make 3 elite specs being able to wield 2 of them seems really cool to me since you can weaponswap with most classes having the ability to wield 2 different weapons is amazing i really wanna try kitten out like dagger berzerker and that kind of stuff

I think i will do it like this. you pick one primary and one secondary elite skill the primary one provide the special thing like with warrior pick berzerker as primary you get rage mode and primal burst but still access to daggers and all the Meditation skills just not the full counter. and with Spellbreaker you get access to full counter and normal lvl 1 burst but you can use torches and use all of the Rage skills etc. (if this requires more explanation i can give more examples of this but i think you get the point)

Also if you have some ideas please post them if i like them i might include them or give them my own swing, ofcourse if someone gives an idea i use i will credit you for the idea.
Edits changes minor or large can all be included in comments and will perhaps apply them. Thus the main post should be edited constantly.

And who knows if this gets enough love guildwars might use it. i mean i dont play all classes so i doubt i can think of a elite for every class but imma gonna try it nevertheless!!

Nr. 1
Warrior, Brute. (not sure about the name othernames could be Bulwark, Vanguard, Sentinel, etc)

This is a heavy tank class that gets access to Tricks (origins from thief) which gives him the posibilities to pull enemies in close lock them in place and push them away. which gets important when you get to his main ability. Gain also access to Dual Attacks. (no reason i think warrior should have this in general i mean its a combat master)
New weapon: Shield Main hand.

Warrior has a new furry skill that is called Stand my Ground, He loses 100% movementspeed loses his dodge. but instead keeps gaining stability and breaks stuns uppon activation gains protection and regeneration and increased toughness regenerating furry even out of combat. (since he cant move, slows and imobalizations dont trigger the stability stacks only dazes and stuns chills and other skills that do things besides movement locks/slows)
These buffs will be constantly reapplied as long as he is in this stance. so you cant remove those buffs.
Also losing the ability to use Ranged weapons like the Rifle and Longbow.
This doesnt drain furry.
all of his Trick skills will have half the cooldown.
The only way he can reposition himself is with leaps blinks and that kind of things that require a jump. thus the greatsword Rush wont run just do the strikehit without running neither does the spinningslash instead this becomes a stand in place wirlwind. But for example the hammer burst or the sword leap or stomp do work.

1st attack. 2x strike. 1st strike is a punch from left to right with the shield then second is a slam with the back of the shield.
2nd attack. A uppercut that causes to daze the target.
3th attack. A shield throw that pierces and imobalizes all enemies it goes through and it has a boomerang effect goin back forth so you can sorta walk in a differnet directions to hit more people on the way back.

Dual attacks:
Shield Shield: Throws both shields in a quick succession after each other first one imobalizes second one will stun if it hits a imobalized target.
Shield Sword: Throws the sword with a rope and pulls himself close (works in Stand my Ground) then bashes with the shield stunning target.
Shield Torch: (yes since 2 elites will be possible in my idea this is an possible option aswel) Set his shield ablaze and throws it at his target it bounces of 3 target fearing and burning the enemies it hits
Shield Dagger: (just like this one) Stab the target which imobalizes for a duration unless released being able to freely use his 1st and 2ond skill that enemy while the dagger is in place. any other abilities will remove the imobalization. (it sorta holds him in place by locking the dagger in him like a hook)
Dual Mace, Slams the ground creating a impassible terain crater for a few seconds in the aiming direction (we all know we wanted this). Pierces and everybody that gets hit will be pushed either side of the wall, can jump over it with jumps and shadowsteps Leaps that require walking are still blocked. just walking over it wont work neither does dodge roll. (seems really powerfull so a high cooldown would be nessesary)

(To write out all dual attacks takes me ages but you get the idea)

Tricks, should include things like Using a chain to pull enemies in. or having snares that imobalize foes. or things that push people away. cant really think of skills right now but you get the idea.

Next up will be Thief (this one will be special)


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    next Thief Elite Spec needs a greatsword, then they could fight like a ninja!

    Shípp - Mesmer main 🐉
    Feel free to add me in game.
    I mostly PvP and open world PvE.

  • A great power for the future Ranger spec would be to interact with the ambient animals in the map. Do a jungle yell and all those annoying spiders come into the fight on your side. Do a calming whistle and that stupid herd of deer that you annoyed stops trying to kill you and goes back to grazing. Do an underwater yodel and the shrks stop trying to eat you and go after the krait instead.

  • @Cragga the Eighty Third.6015 said:
    A great power for the future Ranger spec would be to interact with the ambient animals in the map. Do a jungle yell and all those annoying spiders come into the fight on your side. Do a calming whistle and that stupid herd of deer that you annoyed stops trying to kill you and goes back to grazing. Do an underwater yodel and the shrks stop trying to eat you and go after the krait instead.

    Yeah its a interesting idea, but sadly Rangers already have shouts in their kit and i do not want to reuse already used tech and bring in something new.
    Cause something like that had been on my mind aswel that it could have shouts that called in beasties to help you attack or even ambient creatures. if available and if not you just summonce a few. But in my idea it looks to much like shouts

  • @shippage.1983 said:
    next Thief Elite Spec needs a greatsword, then they could fight like a ninja!

    Yes i was thinking myself of a close combat thief that doesnt use stealt and but i wasnt sure on the weapon i was mixed with a shield or a Axe.
    But your idea is way better then i could ever come up with Katana (greatsword ninja it is !!)

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    Sadly since you can only Edit for 4 hours and not longer,
    I will continue in this post right here

    Thief, Samurai (i was thinking of Ninja first but i think that looks to similar to Thief itself already, Guildwars likes to change classes up quite a bit with the elites thus Samurai I also felt that the ideas i had fits more with a Samurai. (then again a Ninja still being able to shadowstep tho so i guess bit of both in there))

    Tanky Thief class, being able to take damage and dish out rather then dodging around and going in stealt wont be an option anymore obviously getting something else in return. (yes another sortof tanky class since i think wel lack those quite a in the elites. basicly the Herald is one and thats it lots of support classes added but real tanks nope)

    First of all No more Stealing Ninjas and or Samurais are honerable and do not use dirty tricks to steal. instead they can the ability to temporarily wield a second weapon. Even with the 2handed greatsword (Short Bow or Rifle or Staf (see the two elite option idea in top comment) changing its primary 2 attack moves and giving it the option to wield a dagger or pistol in his offhand giving those abilities aswel. This is for a certain duration ofcourse the off hand weapon goes in the offhand hand weapon slot but is not always available just uppon activation of the dual wield 2 handed. (with the short bow is interesting since you cant really 1 hand that the Samurai will use Arrows of the bow to stab throw and kill people, for the rest you can wield everything in 1 hand if enough strenght is mustered.)
    Stealt will change to a parry which will block 50% of all incomming hits fully. You can still attack during this time and enemies can attack you, You cant block unblockable attacks neither can you block attacks that would stun or daze and will stop its parry. the 50% marking can be raised or lowerd depending on viability and overpowerdness i was thinking first at a 100% but i think that might be too powerfull.
    Dodgeroll will change too, nothing much it will change in to a more sidestep giving you the option to step to the side of your target or behind your target if used two times ofcourse you will evade during this just like a normal dodge roll. see it as the Rangers 3th Sword attack, Serpent strike but then without the attack and just a form of side step.
    Last thing the Samurai will use Shouts to Encourage is allies and draw fear in to its allies. Samurais get something special about these shouts, The shouts contain 2 lines first line that buffs allies and the second that debuffs enemies, so for example The shout CHARGE!! that gives all allies a short burst of superspeed, and then you can shout again Attack!! That fears the enemies in to being crippled. Thats kinda the idea.

    Greatsword Attacks,
    1st Attack: A swift 3 sided slash from left right left. Fast and smooth like the wind like a samurai wields them, gives short burst of quickness 1 or 0,5 second at the last strike
    2th Attack: A short dash forward with the sword pointed forwards stabing the opponant, if hits you can do a second hit that rips out the blade leaving the target bleeding
    3th attack: A downwards slash dealing heavy damage slowing your own attacks for 1,5 seconds unless you follow up with 4th attack that is the upwards swing back.
    4th Attack: Dust Cloud, sticks the sword in the ground to throw a dustcloud at the opponants blinding them after that with the swing of the sword do an upwards slash
    5th Attack: Slash in a wide arc infront of you Gashing the opponants making them bleed heavily and daze them. (counts as wirl)

    Dual wield Greatsword attacks (To give the idea i do Greatsword and Shortbow. )
    1st, Attack: Slower 2x hit that left and right that both bleed your opponant.
    2th Attack: Charges up a swing and then throws the greatsword forward Immobalizing the target shadow step towards it and rip it out. (I love the ripping out weapons)
    3th Attack Dagger: Stabs the dagger giving vunrability in him uses that as a foothold to jump over the target and then jump down with a overhead greatsword slash. (end up behind target counts as leap loses the dagger and continues with greatsword since you left the dagger in him)
    3th Attack Pistol: Slam with the hilt in his face giving a short daze do a short step backwards and unload the pistol. (going back to normal great sword since pistol is empty)

    Dual Wield Short Bow,
    1st Attack, Grabs out Arrow of quiver and start stabbing with that feels a bit similar as the warriors axe
    2nd Attack, throws the Arrow forward and shadowsteps towards the target 2ond hit pulls the arrow out bleedin them.
    3th Attack Dagger: Short leap forward holding down both the dagger and arrow penetrating the opponant (giving 4 stacks of vunra losing the dagger and continue with the normal bow since you left the dagger inside him.)
    3th Attack Pistol: stabs an arrow in the foot imobalzing the target and jump backwards unloading the pistol during the backwards jump. like a cool cowboy move (going back to normal shortbow since the pistol is empty)

    Ofcourse the 4th and 5th attack are the normal dagger and pistol attacks
    Yes the 3th attack is some form of finisher move that returns you to your normal greatsword or shortbow. i thought that would be pretty cool to do.

    This is all i got in mind for now.

    I was also thinking of giving a option in the Specialazations for this as a final option to make the Dual wield 2 handed weapons on your change 2ondary weapons. Which removes the long cooldown it would otherwise have and puts it on a much lower cooldown instantly switching back still when you execute the 3th attack finisher. But since the dual wield idea is that these weapon attacks are much more powerfull giving the option of using finishers more often is pretty neat. Also since this is based uppon weapon switching you get some synergy in weapon switching in this spec tree in general also since the thief unlike warrior and ranger doesnt have that yet.

    Personally im really happy on how the idea turned out. i think expecially his 2handed dualwielding attacks will look quite brutal which in my oppinion they should. Wielding heavy like weapons should look brutal so thats why lots of ripping and bleeding gashing etc. Even tho it doesnt steal anymore its still a thief fighting dirty is what it should do. And back in asia lots of warriors even tho they can fight with honnor fight dirty and do everything to win they have a different vission of honor like throwing sand or making brutal moves, still the normal 2 handed greatsword will look really swift and neat. while the dual wield takes more of the exiled samurais that fight dirty so yes i did included some actual lore here :D

    Next up is the Guardian: i have a pretty neat idea for this one 2 words: Dark Knight HF speculating and dont stop posting ideas i can use them to inspire myself
    This Thief weapon idea i got from: shippage.1983 Thanks!!!

  • I have been gone for a while but im back baby and i had a briljant new idea... So im not continuing with the Guardian but up next is!!!

    The Engineer!!

    But i couldnt think of a weapon to give to him so he doesnt get a new weapon no instead he gets something else!!

    New class will be called!


    So instead of having a full new weapon to experiment with. I give the class a golem they can jump in to sorta like the Asura Racial Ultimate but then fully improved.

    Your a experienced Engineer and this will cause a weaponswap ability sorta but instead you load up for a couple of seconds and you jump in to a self designed Golem.
    Yes this is a custom golem you can basicly design it how you want it to work. Weapons Armor etc!!
    The Asura golem will look like we all know and love, but for example the Humans can have Dredge like Golems. The Norns have sorta similar golems but bit bigger. The Sylvari have cultivated golems that look like big plant creatures and the Char have engineers i bet they can come up with something steampunky and cool. So each race has a suitable golem that looks the part.

    On top of that you can pick your arms, and mix and match You have an arm thats based on tanking, melee offence short ranged offence long ranged offence perhaps even healing. And ofcourse put one on the left and on the right giving the Engineer practicly 5 full fledged weapons probably bit to much to implement but hay speculation is what it is all about. The idea is that this is a strong big Golem that when it breaks it goes on a long cooldown that doesnt reset uppon death and yes takes a while to summonce and enter. Thus cant do that in the heat of battle. Tho when you pop out of the golem you still have your life. The golem gets destroyed and you can keep on fighting with A secondary Elite class. But ofcourse lose the golem potential for the rest of the battle and perhaps a few battles after that.

    But that i dont know, I would love to break down all of the attacks and abilities he would get but since these are technically 5x 5 skills thats bit much so i will skip that.
    Just see a Defence arm for example an arm with a big shield being able to block attacks or creating barriers. Healing Arm sprays some form of healing sprays over the battle field. Melee arm has a Big blade on its arm which it can spin around with and slice up foes. The short ranged arm is a Flametrower being able to engulve enemies in giant walls of fire. And the Long ranged one is a big kitten cannon shooting cannonballs and all sort of other projectiles.

    Then about the armor class you can ofcourse choose what kind of armor class your golem is this decides the 4 secondary spells you get. So the heal + 3 skills
    Devide it in so far 3 ideas, this also decide movement speed of the Golem. Heavy Medium Light, Obviously high speed low speed and medium. Where heavy has a stronger healing kit more defensive options but no big movement spells so if you want to seige from far away with the longranged sitting in a strong tank this is a beautiful thing. But ofcourse if your melee you would like to jump in on opponants get the light armor which will appear smaller but more mobile and gives you the option to get swiftness and quickness and have a jump to the enemy. And medium is a bit inbetween.

    Last but not least the Ultimate skill would be a mixture of the main arm you picked plus the armor class. which gives an total of 15 different Ultimates. But that might be a bit to optimistic perhaps just do the elite on the Primary weapon.. who knows...

    Eitherway this is would be way to big and is almost a full class on it self tho would sound insanely amazing and something i probably never see in guildwars.
    But hay a lady can dream.

    So i dont know when i do the next one.

    Honestly i was thinking before of a guardian dark knight. While atm im thinking of a Necromancer dark night. An Advance on minion mancing with a shield. idk

    We will see when i come back hope someone will read this eitherway i am doing this mostly for myself still i appriciate the read and the comments and your own ideas

    Much Love <3 Az

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