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Achievement Praise Joko Bugged

I've saluted 45/46 statues and the last one I'm missing is Kodash Bazaar Statue #17. I looked it up and realized which one it was (one of the two side by side southeast of the Sky Garden). I had done it before but I went and did it again anyway.

When I salute, it says "You already praised Joko at this statue." I thought maybe I had the wrong one so I looked up 4 different guides. They all labeled that statue as Kodash Bazaar Statue #17. I even went back and saluted each statue on the entire map just in case something weird happened. All of them said I already already saluted them. Still stuck at 45/46.

I tried closing the game and reopening it but no luck.

Anyone have any ideas?


  • I finally found it. Since there were two hydras in the area I was focused on not dying and didn't realize there were more than just 2 statues in the area. There are two obvious ones side by side (to make matters worse, those are the two that that are marked by Taco) that count as one. Then on the other side of a large hill of sand there are more statues that I didn't see. That set of statues counts as the other one. Had to do the freaking thing 8 times using 8 different guides before I finally noticed.

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