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  1. I have no idea when, where, or how they'd implement something like this, but I've seen plenty of guildmates and friends lament all those quirky one-off items from collections and quests that they accidentally sold or salvaged or can't pass between their characters. It would be nice to have some kind of omni-vendor for junk - maybe located in the Skritt pirate cave in Lion's Arch - who would sell that garbage back to you (for a fee) so long as your account acquired it once already. As for why? Sentiment seems to be the usual reason. Maybe you have a thief you really enjoy playing and you wan
  2. Bladesworn aren't actually holding their blades. See here: https://i.imgur.com/TKBG2sv.png
  3. Oof. This was a recurring complaint during the last spec test; people felt that not having access to their usual stats and builds crippled their ability to truly try out the specs and get a feel for them comparable to their current gear/build. There were several threads about it, several of which seemed to favor the idea of temporary legendary gear for these betas that would allow for true stat freedom. It's not really something I care about, but I can see why people were disappointed. It's a shame they kept things the same for this round.
  4. I was very confused by the title and thought you meant they were flapping around Tyria clutching the greatswords with their toes.
  5. Okay, and then there's Tybalt Leftpaw and the entire Olmakhan culture. This is more a case of ArenaNet writing entire species/factions as monoliths and then later trying to make them relatable either as a whole or by introducing individuals that vibe with the main cast. Nightmare Court's got Gavin. Sons of Svanir have Rojan. The Humans who slaughtered their way to power and (twice) used twisted magic to destroy their own people/nations have the player character, Queen Jennah, and about 80% of the NPCs we've met as examples of their moral variance and depth. If we accept that sentient rac
  6. Unfortunately, no. The gunblade's lookin' like a kit which means you'll be stuck with the chonky exhaust pipe. Great news for chonky exhaust pipe enthusiasts and casual scrap enjoyers. Pain for everyone else.
  7. We eat Choya pulp in front of a Choya chieftain, tell the tortured Druids of Draconis Mons that their pain is 'fascinating', and routinely refer to species like the Grawl and Skritt as 'lesser races'. So yes, turns out we're the baddies. Oops.
  8. Goals will help you determine what's best to do with mats. If your goal is profit, then sale (or crafting/promoting materials into other things and then sale) of mats is a good way to go. Some people even combine this with hoarding and only sell once they've run out of bank space. If you're more interested in collecting skins, unlocking novelties, or simply making mosaics in your bank storage with stacks of mats, you have even more options. There are also gizmos that eat a bit of material each day in exchange for random loot, festival (and open world) vendors that directly pull materials
  9. 1.) Yeah, they stay with the guild. They built the whole system hoping groups of people would pool resources, work together, build cool stuff, and enjoy it. The reality is that this doesn't happen as much as was intended, people squabble, get petty, kick each other out of groups, or invest a lot of time and effort and then their group dies off, leaving them with an empty hall with potentially hundreds of gold poured into it for essentially no purpose. 2.) Yes, but actually no. Some decorations enter your inventory as a redeemable token that you physically bring to a vendor in the hall and o
  10. That's not a knife gunsaber, this is a gunsaber.
  11. I'd also like these to be cosmetics and was quite disappointed to see that they weren't. Please finish the set if possible and release them as skins. If you're stumped for how to render Mordremoth, either release him as an excellent shoulder boa or coil him up with a zippered mouth to get a backpack shape. I can't think of anyone I associate with who wouldn't enjoy wearing the jungle dragon around their neck like one of those cheap prize snakes from a theme park (could also do for Bubbles and Zhaitan - it would make a lovely scarf with dangling tentacle bits).
  12. Probably because the dyes you got in previous birthday gifts could be gotten in other ways - it was just convenient to wait for the birthday method instead. It's also worth mentioning that new dyes can revitalize old armor pieces which, in a game where cosmetics are king, makes them something that would get a lot of mileage around the game if they were available to more people. If these dyes were popped into the gem store rotation tomorrow, they'd be more in line with current offerings. They could even bundle them with, say, a collection of swim wear. As implemented, the birthday gifts wer
  13. Yo, are bets open for this one? I already stand to win five bucks and a slice of pizza if the thread hits at least 35 pages but stays under 40, and I'm open to sweetening the pot.
  14. As neat as turtles are, I'm actually pretty bummed that they keep adding more mounts instead of just innovating with the ones we already have. That mount-select bar is getting pretty long, even with key binds. They took a step in this direction by allowing Skimmers to dip underwater, so imagine what other skills the current mounts could pick up? Rough ideas: Beetle: When ramping off a high area, can open wings and glide short distances to break their fall instead of dismounting. Springer: They figured out carrots grow underground and have started learning to tunnel. Skyscale: After playing wi
  15. This explains why you wound up in the wrong sub-forum, my guy. You'll probably get better answers over in the PvP section.
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