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  1. Add the speed-to-allies mastery for use in PvE and at the same time, release a Catmander skin or two for the Warclaw. Let it become the 'default' mount for mentors and commanders in both PvE and WvW who are interested in assisting other players. The visibility of this mount when used for this purpose might draw more people into WvW to get their own, and the meager speed benefit would not encroach on the functionality of other mounts (it would remain most effective in WvW, which is its "specialty"). Two of the biggest complaints I see regarding the playerbase are that new players ar
  2. To answer the title: Not. No third-party programs are (currently) promoted by ArenaNet and no support is offered if they go haywire or result in the actioning or termination of an account. They are an inherent risk; some people take it, I wouldn't. That said, the game itself should provide a clear and concise tool for monitoring your various outputs and performance, and the information should only be your own; sharing (or not sharing) this information should be a choice. Having an effective (and accurate) tool officially part of the game would also remove some of the negativity ass
  3. Listen, I know you're not in a great mood, but I think you should consider reading what people wrote. They had some suggestions for budgeting your time that would allow you to keep enjoying the game. If enjoying this game isn't your goal, then you should consider some low-impact secondary games. Steam's full of them. There are plenty of people who don't love the process of getting the Skyscale, but it's manageable for a person with a busy life, and once you've got it, you have it forever across all of your characters to use in any content that allows mounts.
  4. It wasn't broken and shouldn't have been fixed. Offline is the current market and consumer-friendly term. Off-line is an obtuse and "technically" correct usage. Like, I'm glad you leaned into the meeting room and asked them what was up (we like dev communication), but this is the last thing they should have been fiddling with. If the team was more concerned with optics than grammar, they'd have realized how it looks for devs to be squinting at something like this when the community has been told for the past year that all staff focus is on the upcoming expansion and therefore to ex
  5. Kinda-sorta? 3x800 is 2400, to start. Also, I'm hearing these pieces function similar to the shaman armors that were made available during IBS - visually they are (almost) identical across the armor weights (oddly, some of them aren't and have different scaling because ???), but for some of them the chest piece comes with the pants piece attached and other weird, jumbly combinations that don't truly allow for mixing and matching. Full functionality would imply three distinct versions of the armor dependent on weight class or truly separated pieces that contain no elements of other
  6. Nah, the entire OCD portion of the playerbase (self included) is quietly hissing at this. Not only is it visually uncomfortable, it also doesn't clarify or improve anything. Changing things just to change things. Don't like.
  7. I actually don't mind that they're offering armor sets in the store again - what I mind is that they're looking to land somewhere in the ballpark of 3,000 gems for a complete set (500 a skin). To put that in perspective, old gem shop armors used to cost 800 gems (and that was for the whole thing). I can maybe forgive some increase of price if they've crunched their numbers over the years and determined they need a higher amount to compensate for the time that goes into armor, but 3,000? Selling the set piecemeal? Hm. Dunno if I like that. In a perfect world (for this extremely spec
  8. Truth be told, playing through the instance is already barely worth it in my view and I don't blame people for just kind of sitting there waiting for it to be over (I kinda feel the same way about Drakkar, though Drakkar is slightly worse for all the time you have to sink into it). I do the whole event chain every time (mostly for the AP credit), but it's not very entertaining to me and the rewards feel pretty uninspiring. They can tighten up things like participation, but after people knock out the 'dodge meatballs' 'bap dragon on nose' 'tell Ryland no' achievements, I suspect you'll either s
  9. First of all, thank you; I appreciate the write-up. Secondly, on the topics of Icebrood Saga, The game's future, and EoD, quite a few threads already exist that might be worth your browsing, and I think I've already posted in a good handful of them. No joke, I spent about half an hour starting to type a long point-by-point of my personal takes on the topics you've listed when I realized I've already talked about them and it hit me how futile it would be to try and cram them all into one thread.
  10. Conversely, if you don't want to list any of the points they make to kick things off, why are you even posting here? I ask, because this is the Guild Wars 2 official forum and not Dudebro's Latest Stream forum (which, if it exists, is the best place to hear from people who are aware of it). Most of the threads here are about things that happen either in the game or that come directly from the devs themselves. What you've asked for is an opinion on the opinions from the latest episode of something that isn't produced by ArenaNet without providing context for what those opinions are.
  11. Can't relate. I know you don't care if people disagree with you, but here we are in the general discussion section of a forum. Prior to the pandemic, I was working full-time and still able to run a guild, play through content, and occasionally pick back through old achievements and chapters in between releases or whenever the current release was something I didn't care for (hello, raids). It undoubtedly took more time for me to complete certain tasks because of my need to be asleep by certain times each night and I definitely had a hectic and (often) unpredictable work schedule, bu
  12. I'll of course always screech for more fashion options, but GuildWars2 is pretty good when it comes to variety. The one thing that does suck about it is that looks are limited to armor weights, meaning only certain classes can wear certain articles of clothing which.. well, that's limiting if your look relies on the weapons of a Ranger (medium weight) but the armor of a Warrior (heavy weight). People have done pretty impressive things by mixing and matching fashion, species, achievement titles, and other cosmetic elements. Here are some examples: Korra (From Legend of Korra) Aan
  13. I'll be real with you, I don't know who any of those people are or what that podcast is. I've maybe heard the name Teapot flung around, but only in the context of people on the forum insisting he's important because reasons. The forum's got flaws, but one nice thing about it is that singular members of the forum aren't looked up to or put on a pedestal that makes their opinions matter more than anyone else's. It's that kind of thing that prevents me from caring overly much about podcasts and streams, because I don't like the idea of basing my opinion on what someone popular thinks.
  14. You can't tell people to use the search function and then get mad when they use the search function. In any case, since this thread is back, stop doing outfits and start doing armor sets again. Even your ugliest armor sets tend to have at least one good piece which results in a sale. Outfits do not have this benefit and so I largely do not buy them. Start doing armor sets and I won't be too picky about what sort you release. If you insist on continuing with the outfits thing, go for more generic designs that have broader use like 't-shirt & jeans' or 'Slacks, suspen
  15. I was all ready to tell you about how you can buy the glyphs with gold, but you already seem to know about that. In the beginning, gathering tools were only ever about cosmetic looks and the convenience of not having to buy/craft new sets all the time, so in no way have they been made obsolete by the addition of glyphs. Maybe they're less attractive in comparison to the added benefits of glyphs, but basic infinite tools still do everything they used to do, and you can add the new glyphs to the old tools (as often as you want, by the way - adding/removing a glyph to/from a tool is free).
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