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  1. Dang, thanks. My bad. Double dang, despite not being mandatory, it is for me who likes a good story, so jumping all over the place, being unable to fully follow, is not something I would like to do. Aye, it looks like I should have been doing that, if only so I could be getting all these story episodes =/
  2. Thanks all who replied so far! As for this, I have not been logging in once a week for the past few months. Will this type of thing happen again/has this sort of thing happened before? Should I wait before progressing with the story until I have all Living World quests first? I wouldn't really want to skip any, because I very much enjoy a good story, it helps to keep me engaged in a game.
  3. 1.) What do you do for events, like for the Festival of the Four Winds? 1.a.) Do you *need* mounts to do anything/everything? (I'm seeing a lot of racing and hard to reach places that mounts are constantly being used for.) 2.) Do you need to buy The Living World quests to fully enjoy the story? 2.a.) There are some Living Story quests that are "locked" and are "playable at level 80". Does "locked" mean I have to buy it and "unlocked at level 80" mean I already own it? 2.b.) Should The Living World quests be completed after the "normal" story? 2.c.) Should you start the Living World q
  4. How do you acquire it? I thought I just had to hit level 80.
  5. Have everything be voice-acted, it keeps me engaged and is why I never got into WoW. Make side-quests more interesting. They feel very bland and are just there to get you exp. Extend the main story and tie it together better. Everytime I was getting into the main story, I was pulled out cause I had to be level so-and-so to progress and after reaching that level and continuing, I either completely forgot about what was happening or felt that what happened before and whats happening now felt like their was a gap in-between that I was missing. What I said before on this thread, basically, incl
  6. Something I've wanted to see in MMORPG's for a while now; Varies romance options with their own, individually unique, set of quests, similar to Mass Effect, but is constantly added onto.
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