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  1. That's kind of you to assure :j Thanks for taking time out of your day to type that. This lesson is drilled into me now and forever. I've seen other people treated like criminals here for incorrect opinions. Didn't think giving feedback about a time gating feature would be such a heinous act seeing as no one liked that Skyscale was so heavily time gated on release.
  2. I'll cut my personal feelings off for this explanation right here. Thank you to everyone that understood that the mastery system could have been different (agree with me or no). Below are listings of Masteries that alter the gameplay in a positive way. ---Central Tyria: Pact Commander (Pact Mentor, Noblesse Oblige, Advanced Logistics), Legendary Crafting (), Fractal Attunement (). 3 out of 13. The journey of crafting a Legendary is already long enough without needing to grind for the ability buy from/to talk to an NPC. Fractal Attunement masteries are grind now to grind better masteries which feel like they could have been better. Special abilities you only get to use in Fractals or something. ---HoT: Gliding (Glider Basics, Lean Techniques, Stealth, Advanced, Ley Line Gliding), Itzel Lore (), Exalted Lore (), Nuhoch Lore (Nuhoch Stealth Detection), Rifts (), Ancient Magics (Counter Magic, Spectral Aid, Siren of Orr). 9 out of 33 masteries aren't pressing F to collect, interact, talk to NPCs or having the privilege of looting x item. Those 9 are fine to grind for because they add something to the gameplay. Mastery locking bouncing mushrooms, updraft gliding or any other map traversal techniques are only in place to time gate you from map completing that area. The other 24 masteries could have been more interesting or rewarding, but they aren't because who wants to grind to talk to 5 NPCs on a map? ---PoF: All mount 4&5th slot masteries (5), Crystal Champion (all 5). 10 out of 30 are good design. The first three of all mount Masteries should have been baseline. It's beyond disappointing to unlock your raptor for its jump to be short, Springers jump to be limp, Skimmer to not hover an extra 4ft and to see all the Jackel portals everywhere for you to not be able to use them. The share mount skills masteries that take the 4th & 5th mastery slots are what all the mount masteries should be. All of Crystal Champion are what the whole Mastery system should do. All the 1-3 mount mastery slots are only there to time gate players from map completing & blitzing the story. Why is there no "Crystal Champion" to use all the glider abilities you get in LWS 3 everywhere else in game? ---IBS: Raven Attunement (Raven Bright), Resistance/Valor/Vigilance Essence Manipulation (the beam attack additions are fine except needing them to open chests), United Legions Waystation Synchronization (EMP, Remote Charge, Iron Legion Medizooka, Ash Legion Mount Stealth, United Legions Waystation Mastery) Dragon Slayer (Dragon's Boon). 21ish out of 29. I say "21ish" because the Essence Manipulation beams attacks are fine, but why are opening chests tied to these beams at all? Unlocking bigger beams is exciting. Happening across a huge chest after a boss or in IBS and not being able to open it is not exciting. If I exclude the Essence Manipulation only because of "press F to interact" the total is 9 out of 29. ---EoD: Fishing (Angler Sense), Skiff Piloting (Depth Charges, Speed Boost), Jade Bots (Gliding Booster, Jade Tech Waypoint, Rescue Protocol), Arborstone Revitalization (all 5 for reasons I'll explain below), Turtle Mount (Sharing is Caring). 12 out of 24. Arborstone Revitalization is fine with me even though it's a lot of masteries to talk to NPCs because it's an alternative route to Eye of the North and gem store 2 week/perma Pavilion passes. EotN you pay gold to get crafting stations, trading post access, major cities portal access, etc. Gem Store you just buy with converted gold-gems or pay with money. If you don't want to spend gold to kit out EotN, or convert to get a Pavilion pass, you can get the same thing with Arborstone Rev. with some grinding. Same "should have been baseline" reason applies for EoD masteries. It's disappointing to get your fishing pole to realize you only cast 5ft away, and your skiff only goes the knot limit of a No Wake Zone. ---SotO: Heart of the Obscure Research (), Flight Training (Combat Launch), Astral Ward (), Inner Nayos (). 1 out of 21. SotO is loaded with masteries that should be baseline. It feels like all the content was made first then retroactively made worse for the sake of having mastery progression. All of Heart of the Obscure Research is forcing you to regrind HoT Gliding masteries. When flying mounts released everyone I came into contact with was puzzled that they didn't benefit from updrafts & Ley Lines off the jump. I really wish some of the other 20 masteries gave you LWS 3 gliding abilities in OW. During convergences you can blast enemies with Skyscale to then dismount midair and dart up, forward or attack using glider skills and then remount. The aerial combat is a lot of fun! Too bad 0 of the masteries let you do it anywhere else that isn't a LWS 3 map or convergence event. Skyscale fireball attack is amazing as well. It should have been a "Heads up Skyscale enjoyers you can shoot fire now with SotO release!". Even the other mounts could benefit from a non-dismounting engage skill. I understand the Mastery system having reached the highest current level of 530. I'm saying the Mastery system is a missed opportunity majority of the time. 56 out of 150 Masteries aren't: pressing F to interact with thing x, loot boxes or play a minigame to loot boxes, talk to NPCs, buy things from NPCs, etc. That's adding the Essence Manipulation from IBS too. 43 out of 150 if you take out those. Barely over 1/3 of all masteries add to the gameplay loop. This isn't an attack on anyone. It's feedback on how a current system is received by myself and players I've engaged with.
  3. I give up. I wanted to show family and friends some cool bosses, maps, etc., and it sucked when they didn't get rewarded for completing the same content. Wanted to open up some feedback that maybe others didn't think about. I didn't for the longest time. Yet, this tread turned into me being the worst person ever, and I need to change my perspective about peoples disappointment.
  4. Actual TLDR: I wanted to play non-core GW2 with my brother and couldn't because he didn't have all the masteries to press "F" on things. These features weren't free. Both of us paid money for the content. Content that's time gated with the Mastery system. It sucks when my brother unlocks the next mount and I can hear him audibly sigh at how inferior his is to everyone else's.
  5. Never gave Masteries much thought until seeing "Astral Ward Mastery Extended" on the last patch preview. Reflecting on my experiences from the first mastery to the last (currently 530) revealed how absolutely awful the Mastery system is. Recently, my brother got his Griffon mount. After congratulating him I tell him how to fly, build speed, etc. He replies that he can't. There was no Swoop or disengage skill while airborne... He spent 100g for a more efficient glider because he didn't have the Griffon masteries done. I take him to some IBS strikes for easy ascended gear. We kill the boss then are presented with three large, shiny chests... That he can't open. Killed the boss. No masteries so no loot. A large portion of Mastery Points are the ability to press "F" on things. Mount masteries are even worse for locking baseline features behind another time gate. Even the masteries that make sense, like "Crystal Champion" that give additional abilities to mounts, could have been fun quests to unlock the new skills. Instead, it's more time gated Mastery Point shenanigans that kills player expectations. I couldn't count the times I wanted to bring a friend along to a new area only to remember that they either: can't exist in the area, can't interact with anything/anyone or sometimes can't even loot open world containers. I think Masteries were introduced in HoT to prevent players from blazing through the expansion. I'm probably wrong but who really knows? In the modern GW2 Mastery Points make it impossible to bring new players anywhere outside of the core game. Even when players achieve big milestones, like getting their griffon/ or x, they can't relish in the accomplishment due to having to continue to grind for the masteries tied to said achievement. It's akin to crossing the finish line only to have to run another lap. Yeah you did it, but the stands are empty and the lights are off now. Yeah you got your fishing pole, but you need to grind for 20-30 hours so you can cast farther than 5ft. I think it's too late to remove the Mastery system. It's tangled in so many things. Wanted to at least get some feedback on how this system negatively affects players experience, inclusion and expectations. Does anyone else have these problems, or am I alone here?
  6. @Lan Deathrider.5910You're right. There's zero reason to fix anything in GW2, because the players will continue to blow money at the cash shop. Why put forth man hours fixing decade old community pain points when the community gives you money for mount skins regardless? The game being a potential "tangled mess" isn't my problem either. It's NCSoft & Anets problem. One or both of them allowed this game to sit in maintenance mode for years. I just bought the game then got scammed with inventory expansion slots thinking that they were account wide. I don't understand wanting to run defense for any dev of this game after all that's happened. It's bizarre to me that all the game modes are divided communities that all think the same on most points, but when anyone voices concern it's always this response. "Think of how hard it is to do their job" "After x is done the devs will have all the time in the world for my problem x" etc. None of that is a personal attack on you or your character Lan the man :j Just how I see this situation.
  7. No I don't friend. Acknowledging that these core QoL problems have been in the game for ages makes it worse. If CmC knew about them then the rest of the team knew about them. Knew and have done nothing for literal years. Sold you a car that veers left into traffic every now and again when you turn right. A car that has a 40% chance to not break when you try to. "love cmc". No. No I don't think I will.
  8. Bladesworn on life-support continues. Necro sword fx get worked on because how awful they were. The spec Anet ripped that skill from getting none of that work... Gunsaber 2 & Pistol 5 require the target to not move, but the only in spec answer for stopping players got removed and replaced with nothing. At least Gunsaber 2, a skill hits like a noodle or doesn't land, has reduced after cast. At least Gunsaber 3, a skill that whiffs if the target runs at you in a line, has reduced after cast. I'm personally excited for when the rest of Dragon Trigger skills get a .5 second delay slapped onto all of them (Even trigger guard & mini-port). Do you feel your life slipping through your fingers? Time you'll never get back waiting for this game in never ending maintenance mode to just end? Numbers patches as far as the eye can see. Every player waiting for their problem to not even get fixed but merely noticed. Years on years of your life waiting for this horse to drink the water you led it to only receive silence.
  9. @Myror.7521 You're right :j I honestly needed to come back a bit more mellowed out. It's just absolutely frustrating when layers of decision making, and playstyle expression, are removed. I still play CC warrior builds in PvP because I find it fun to wait out stab until it's my turn to play the game. With the Wild Blow change, berserker has less in-spec CC setup/extension potential. Things are just whittled away bit by bit, and that makes me big sad.
  10. These people don't understand that man. They don't understand that this changes Wild Blow from a CC chain setup/extender to a finisher. They see that it does damage and that's good enough.
  11. I should have just posted the body as the title of the tread, because, it seems to me, 0 of you made it past the title. More interested in the semantics of the title then by the actual content of the tread. Warriors don't play CC builds because you are completely shut down by anything with: Passive blocks, aegis, blind, 1 stack of stability, teleports or professions with a solid defensive rotation. It's fun to play CC warrior in duels with friends that aren't running degenerate builds, or to teach new players about CC and when to break out. That's about it. You right on the money Lan :j nice to see you again. When CC is the main gateway to your damage you'll lose every trade in the game. Everyone else has passive damage that can be laced into defensive rotations giving the other player free damage on you while you throw your setup skills away.
  12. *Everyone here* "Nothing good" *Everyone here again* "Hopefully something that isn't bugged for the next 8 year content Drout.
  13. If you don't have a plan for Warrior stop dumpstering interactions. Wild Blow doing damage+daze means that follow up combos are no longer guaranteed. Wild Blow an engi with superspeed gives you 0 follow up, or any profession that applies cripple/chill while having swiftness. Have fun watching them outrun you. Nothing for Bladesworn either... After gutting every other playstyle that isn't spamming Unshakable Mountain; Bladesworn gets to stay on life-support indefinitely. Who cares that pistol 5 and Gunsaber 2 need you to lock down players for full damage while taking stun off Unyielding Dragon. Who cares that, that single change removes all CC trait synergies. CC Warrior also seems to be the only build the devs want for Warrior. Enhancing CC warrior didn't even help that build into unfavorable match ups. You still lose large portions of health or die to anyone with: 1 stack of Stability, blinds or blocks. Good thing Wild Blow is unblockable so you can land all that burst into passive blocks that don't go away with CC. Improved GS 5 Rush animation. I doubt this claim due to 0 gameplay showing the "improvements" off. Rush has been broken since launch. The Staff beta event had Rush on Line Breaker, and instead of fixing that version of Rush devs made it ground targeted. How do you even improve something on a profession you no vision for? Sword 4 Impale is another good example. Instead of making the skill easier to land without needing target the enemy you landed Impale on to get Sword 4 Rip they just juiced the damage and give Rip boons. 0 QoL for the weapon but those numbers sure are big. Even increasing the power coefficient of Savage Leap is pointless because the skill never lands. I don't know if the hitbox lags behind you or its tiny. It feels like a 50/50 every time if Savage Leap will land. Warriors mostly use it as a movement tool, as it actually leaps your character and doesn't ride the ground. Staff... I don't have hope for all the staff bugs being fixed. Line Breaker didn't even get fixed. It had two bugs at once (unable to re-target mid rush/ rush sometimes didn't go full range on allies), so just fundamentally change the targeting altogether. Bullet Catchers flip skill wouldn't work during other animation. Primal F1 was a horizontal only skill making it as reliable as Dragon Trigger - Force on hills. I don't remember all the bugs if they're more. Staff didn't give protection or stability during the beta either, so all the hopeful PvE heal warriors get to stay on our meme diet heal RP builds. I expect Staff on release will do good healing, but still be the massively bugged, Jank mess it was before. The rest of the warrior notes are a nothing burger. All the number tweaks don't change, or add, any new ways to play the profession. They never did and never will.
  14. Feature #42: Duel Wielding grandmaster trait gives diet quickness to all actions while duel wielding. You can heal, call banners & farm faster. Change all of your farming characters to warriors with two swords and enjoy saving 1-6 seconds daily!
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