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  1. https://tiermaker.com/create/guild-wars-2-elite-specs-and-core-classes-495497 My personal list. I agree with most of these except thief really. Teef decap is excellent, and not made for duels or team fights specifically. They have the best mobility and in the right hands are made to throw a team out of whack.
  2. Warriors can do a little bit of everything but don't excel enough in any one area. Holo in general does much more in comp. Better healing, dmg, mobility, and throws out blind like it's nothing. The rotations of a skilled holo player are far more adequate compared to a skilled warrior, as the skill ceiling for warrior is much lower. Basically Warrior needs more love in the higher echelons of a skill ceiling, allowing more experienced and skilled players to really shine in competitive content. They played with this idea in the original HoT warrior and PoF one, with an f2
  3. Is so neglected at this point that it's a total meme.
  4. Double the size of the Arena in the PvP Lobby. Make it large as a free for all area, like it is now, but have PvP events. These could be viewed by anyone watching and could include: Guild vs Guild's Duels 2v2's 3v3's Gladiator Games (Like Deathmatch) And whatever else to spice up the PvP community... Making a Coliseum in the Lobby with events could allow for viewers to make bets or wagers, (which could become it's own system) adding even more depth to the idea. Just have fun with it!
  5. Warrior needs more attention Anet and this patch doesn't address a few basic things: Doubled Standards needs to be swapped with Warrior's Cunning- You guys outlie how banner warriors shouldn't rely on Discipline and yet that trait is still stuck in the Discipline trait line. Swapping these two traits will free up banner warriors as you intended and give a more versatile option for dps warriors (like SB's) in Discipline. Sun and Moon style should be reworked to +5% dmg with mainhand dagger and +10% dmg with no boons- The patch indicated that you want to see SB have more
  6. The Sun and Moon change is for PvE right? Cuz in pvp SB still won't be doing more damage even with the boon strips he/she has due to how many boons are given to players. All around great changes!
  7. What are your thoughts on the upcoming balance patch?
  8. Guys sb looks weak af, lets give them a dps buff. How about LESS ferocity and power and a little more precision? This rounds out to basically the same damage... Banner should be viable, and you shouldn't need to use Discipline to to use banner in support. "With this update, we’re making improvements to Tactics to make it a more viable alternative to Discipline..." So let's nerf banner and then put it the way it already is in the trait. AND not change the trait to another trait line! So Discipline is still mandatory🤡 Revenge Counter, Berserker's Stance, Healing Signet, and
  9. Nope that's not true, it's because of the animation. Otherwise Swoop on the ranger GS would have similar issues but doesn't (at least not to the extent that this ability has).Check the patch notes on both and you'll see what I mean, the swing animation at the end of Rush has a hard time connecting and Anet tried fixing that multiple times but still has consistent issues. "Patch [hide]ChangesFebruary 25, 2020 Competitive content update:(Competitive split) Reduced power coefficient from 1.7 to 1.36.July 26, 2016 Increased the speed of the swinging animation, and increased the radius of the s
  10. Anet "fixed" Rush a few years back to make it less janky and connect to targets easier but it still has a lot to be desired. This isn't a balance request or anything just please fix the ability so it properly connects to the target instead of sliding around in competitive modes.
  11. I'm making this prediction now because I want this to happen lol. Imagine a Monk themed Wu Kong inspired staff Warrior. Lots of evades and crazy animations with mobility would be sick.
  12. The downtime between blind is maddeningly small, and the burn dps is too strong.
  13. Title explains itself. There's not enough build diversity in this game and everyone is choosing 2 out of the 3 heavy classes while disregarding the other unless it's support.Please stop giving DH and Herald special treatment. Revenant in general feels like a power creep for paying players and it's encroaching on p2w.Meanwhile Berzerker feels lacking and doesn't burn as well as Burn Guardian. That's absurd! Berzerker is all about burning with torch and yet Guard takes the cake!
  14. Just a reminder that Warrior is still the worst class in PvP. Let ANET ban me idc, it has to be said. Been getting nerfed for almost a decade and it needs to end.
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