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  1. Classic "I don't know his life but i will judge it anyway cause I'm sure I have the answer"... No, it's not too hard for me. I'm literrally full legendary and I'm doing 2 new legendaries weapons at the same time, almost done after a week only. I never said that people who do it shouldn't be reward either. Next time don't jugde when you don't know ! ☠️
  2. The new story is out and the voices are stil missing even for our own character. Unbelievable ! 😐
  3. Yes but what exaclty do you want me to do with ONE PIECE of an armor that, I personnally find it ugly? I don't want to do the full set AND it will use ressources that MAYBE I want to put somewhere else, like to do legendary weapons ! Everyone is not playing 10 hours a day. Seriously... It shouldn't be in the special success of WV.
  4. It's completely insane to force people to do 3 success for the new legendary armor into the Wizard's Vault, or at least 2 of them. Create one piece of the legendary armor took a lot of time and ressources that people like me, who already have legendaries armors or maybe who just don't want to do your new legary armor, that we could put somewhere else. Such a lost of time and especially such of lost of points for the Vault, we lost 800 points if we don't do those success... ☠️ And BTW : it would be so great to add an arrow to choose the right amount of point we want to spend in the vault, and not 5 by 5 or 1 by 1.
  5. Hi, I'm a french and if I created this topic is to claim the missing French voices, they are missing on some part of the story of the new expansion since the begining of SOTO. Almost ONE YEAR that we are waiting to the french voices to be implanted into the game and nothing has been done or even talked about. French GW2 players shouldn't be treated like that. This is disrespectful and beneath your policy !
  6. While people are complaining about there will be animation or not. I'm complaining cause there is no difference between male and female armor. 😐
  7. Like the title said it, it's bugged. I did 3 missions and the success didn't valide itself. Please do something.
  8. I still have the "T position" in raid 5 with my Skyscale ! Fix it please !
  9. Yes I did yesterday after the patch and it was fixed for all of them.
  10. Since we are going have more new Fractals with new expansions and also more new CMs too, I suggest that you rework the CMs of the fractals Nightmare and Shattered Observatory so we could direclty jump into the final boss just like the others two fractals (Sunqa Peak and Slient surf). Also I think you should delete the fractals from the season 1 (Aetherblade, Captain Mai Trin Boss, Molten Boss and Underground Facility) cause now they are in game and no need to keep them in Fractals.
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