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  1. I don't know if people who beat it are serious or just trolling Nothing to be proud of that your instance got the lucky one with Soo-Won being less of a dipshit Pathetic that some of you feel superior for being lucky and think you have the right to lash out on other people So now and forever and again and nothing changes it....difficulty is not the issue its the cursed RNG kitten It needs adjustments asap
  2. Actually, This expansion feels a little easier than the previous ones. Even with the new mobs shenanigans like mass evading and cloaking you can still wreck them back to hell...Also more vets and elites than champions in comparison to PoF and HoT
  3. Its not a open world raid nor it should be difficulty is not an issue either. Its not that hard... Its just RNG that gets in your way of succeeding it because someone in the office thought it was a good idea adding it. Seems like it affects other collections too from what I saw for the ascended weapons collection with fishing. RNG is the enemy of all players. Casuals, Raiders, Cats, Whatever
  4. This division is seriously the one thing I never thought I'd see in this community I know toxicity exist but it mostly stays on the PvP territory not PvE and indeed it is really ugly and needs to be stopped. I also hope Anet are working on a fix but its a shame they wont let us know if they really do so we just have to let it continue
  5. I honestly don't really want the turtle. I don't mind people getting it but I really don't want this meta to die Its fun until you get to the boss part and they should just remove the RNG kitten from it and it will be good to go
  6. They sure gonna feel the pain in their wallet just for that But they will probably fix it before and too late and maybe it will convince a minority to redo it
  7. Lets be fair here. The longer you stall the adjustments(or nerfs if you decide to do that) this meta will eventually die and get forgotten over time Currently the people who are doing this are getting burned and more frustrated. You will eventually fix it just like you did before with other events but the thing is that by far this is the worst of everything you've made in the past. The longer you stall it the more frustrated people will get, and when you will eventually do fix it people will only join for the collections and never look back Is this what you really want? I
  8. You're right there is a pattern, or a couple they're random and unpredictable....which only means they're based on luck Luck is the key to actually succeeding in finishing this meta And you know what. the turtle is just a novetly for me. This meta is taunting me...I want to beat it and I want it fixed first! I'm against nerfing this event completely and they need to remove the random phasing from side to side whenever this kitten dragon feels like it maybe...maybe it will be possible. So yes Anet don't nerf it....fix it
  9. They should also add more life to new kaineng city. its described as a metropolis and it feels very dead and empty.
  10. Well I love a challenge too. But ask yourself this: What is the difference between "Difficulty" and "Chance"
  11. I'm going to assume OP already got their turtle So they joined the "git gud" train....CHOO CHOO Anyways I'm a raider, this meta is not hard the phases are just kitten Praise the RNG gods and ask for their mercy!
  12. > @anninke.7469 said: Well, more-less. There's still underwear. But yeah, think of the children, people. What is wrong with children seeing anyone in their bra? There are already armor sets not much more covering than bikini and a few downright fetish-like skins, so how exactly would it be worse?I seriously don't understand the problem some people have with (not even complete) nudity in a T rated game where we pretty much slay our way out of every problem and have such sick things like Mad King Thorn and his kittened up family stuff (like letting his son starve to death in a magically se
  13. Tengu races plz.....GW3 when.......MaKeDiSgAmE4CoNsOlEsAlReAdy.... I get too many deja vus in this forum
  14. You're not the only one I can't log in either and I'm really sick of how they release products that break the game before testing it.
  15. I not only get that but I also get rollbacksHow do I know that?!I spent 10$ on this game 20 minutes ago and bought total makeover kit and transmutation charges to change my style and with every disconnection I get my old style back with the items I purchased in my mail.
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