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  1. Lets go ahead and take your supermarket example and roll with it. If I go to buy lucky charms based on their box for 39.99, obviously its not the cost just using the game cost, you get to the checkout counter pay your priced and go home excited to eat your lucky charms. You open the box to just find the cereal. Inside their is now a notification that says if you want the marshmallows go back and pay another 16 dollars. You would be outraged would you not? Now obviously lucky charms arent worth that. So lets say 4 dollars for the box. You get home, find out you need to
  2. You can't really argue 9 years of content if none if it is even touched anymore though, id argue almost 50% of that content isn't even done anymore due to it being obsolete, only way you will experience most of it is going back with a group of friends, which means you need to get a group of friends on the game, hope they enjoy doing old content, or at least willing to put up with it for new players, and then find the time commitment to do said things. It seems a huge part of the solo portion of the game is extra cost, and the other portion is not even played anymore. Th
  3. Did you actually watch those? 3 of those stated how if you are looking for something to do, play this. If that is the best advertisement for the game....I can't imagine it living long. Again I apologize for my attitude to everyone that was supportive, just seems to be a few condescending people who can't comprehend a second sticker price that you are unaware of being annoying. I also think it is a very poor soapbox to stand on if one of the best defenses available is "but I mean if you get it on sale"
  4. Well yea, so it makes sense to not include any of that "content" in the price if it is obsolete and due to that, never done. So now we are chipping down at the content vs price. Add in that even people defending the price have said "LS isn't even needed", so we are going to end up paying for content not even needed just to experience obsolete content just so we can get a better idea of the over arching story. If you played WoW and you went halfway through a questline and a message popped up and said "enter CC and pay 3.99 to access second part of quest, this price includes the stor
  5. The whole season definitely is not 150-200g, I have 387g on my account, after looking at the gem transfer rates I can get half of one living story season. Again, for people that keep skimming posts, the cost may be fair, but that is not the point. Also can we get a check on "1000s of hours of content for only another 50 bucks"...it is not 1000 hours of content, lets be real. No one is bashing your game, my friend got his game refunded immediately (shout out to ANet support for being cool about it) so in the end no harm no foul, I expressed displeasure that my friend g
  6. Yea im a little thrown back by the amount of "you should of just played when it was free" or "its your fault, you should of warned your friends"...I clearly put I stopped playing a bit after fractals released, so I was also not aware I would have to buy all this extra content. The difference is, I know I enjoy the game, I do not mind spending the extra money when it comes down to it, but not everyone is me. I am just very surprised that this kind of system is in place...almost completely walling off new players with a hidden cost. Regardless of how you can achieve it with gold/sal
  7. I definitely think people are missing my friends point, having not played the game at all, and even if you count it from the latest expansion the game being 4 years old, its base price of the game is not a bad deal at all for what you get. I would also agree that it may be one of the best price point for content you can get from games these days. That being said, finding out that to really play the game to its core, you are paying well over that price. Almost 100 dollars worth (with the sale its less, without it its more). Unless you want to spend everything you have, and then some
  8. Him and I would much rather have that to be honest. Him thinking he will try a new MMO at a fairly reasonable price given its age, then be slammed with 60+ more dollars once in game is what really killed it for him. If he had known he was committing almost 100 dollars he would of said no, or weighed that choice then and there if it was available with the game. Seems much more reasonable to have "60 dollars bundle with HoT and PoF a long with the living story! Catch up now before EoD release!" or something akin to that, rather we got 39.99 for 2 games plus another 60+ in hidden fees
  9. Was not aware of that, but unfortunately I do not think "spend everything you earned from 1 - 80 and 60 days of dailies to play the first part of the story" is a huge selling point. I guess I am just very confused and lost as to how it makes sense to paywall the story when we are already paying for the game...seems like a different way to run a sub service essentially.
  10. I have not played since fractals were introduced, and I fondly remember so many things about the game. I convinced my friend to buy all the stuff up to the new expansion and am severely disappointed with the living world. It seems for him JUST to play what is essentially the story of the game he has to spend upwards of 60+ dollars. With that and the base games he is spending 100+ dollars on the game...needless to say he bailed immediately and got a refund for the purchase approved. Is there something I am missing that makes this more reasonable? Very sad to see that returning playe
  11. What happens to say all my gold? From your post ive gathered that any xmogs you have are saved...what else is saved that is worth while? Or what do you actually lose by deleting all your characters? Like for example in WoW, if you delete a character, besides xmogs you lose absolutely everything about that character.
  12. I got a few friends to join me for PoF. They are brand new and I am returning from the beginning. I believe I am on Sanctum of rall server and was curious on how it works now. If I remember correctly SoR WvW presence died pretty hard. When I went to look for a different server it was going to cost a lot of gems. I have debated straight up making a whole new account to play with friends because I dont want to force them on to SoR if its dead. Is there anything new about servers and how they work? Or is anyone from SoR able to tell me how the population is looking?
  13. My thing is I can cancel WoW at any time, it looks like to buy the expansion and all those gems im looking at going 70 dollars (which is not bad). Right now WoW is 30 bucks in total for all games including BfA and comes with a month. After that one month I could decide I hate the current iteration cancel it and ive only spent 30 bucks. Its more of a money up front for permanence vs I could not like it after a month and be done. I guess a way to look at it would be season passes to call of duty. I loved all call of duty's up until modern warfare 2 and black ops. But every single year I buy the
  14. Thank you for this thought out response as to what I will receive in just buying the expansions, you have definitely taken some weight off the decision for me.
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