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  1. Can't tell for sure if that's a new thing or not but today after this patch I've noticed that the Cute Demon Backpack got some cloth physics added or something. It's all wiggly now. I took a short clip:
  2. To my knowledge the bad performance has different reasons, usually pointing towards DX9. Using D912PXY gives a huge performance boost on lots of situations.Yes, GW2 had only utilized 1 core for most of the time but that changed a while ago and now it runs on all cores - but I would imagine, that DX9 doesnt handle multiple cores as efficient as DX12 does.In addition GW2 does not work very efficiently with its resources and could use optimization.We have to keep in mind, that the game doesn't use a commercial game engine like most games do but has its own thing going. As stated before, D912PXY h
  3. Since i expect canthan maps to be gorgeous I'd really want some major improvement in the games performance. Retroactively tweaking the performance seems to be a difficult task but it will just be more work the longer they wait. DirectX 12 support and better resource efficiency sounds like a great feature for an expansion to me. Or atleast the release of an expansion would be a great opportunity to implement such features. Other then this i agree with what most people already said: new elite specs, hopefully a new race, obviously more armor and weapon sets.
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