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  1. I'd currently really like to see, and would purchase, the Mist Herald back item (not been on gemstore since October 2018), the Lawless Armor pieces, and Mask of the wanderer. Trying to make my goblin asura look :D I'm not sure if the Mist Herald back item is dyeable, but I'd also put a shout out that alongside dyeables capes/wings etc, personally I'd find it great to have dyeable banners (like the mist herald for example). Being able to both dye a banner as well as modify guild emblems would make for some cool looks. Just saying.
  2. Bloodstone Ascender pls! Shattered Bloodstone Ascender Combo. Not been in gemstore since September 2018., and even then only for 2 days. So it's been what, 16 months? I really would like it!
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