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  1. Character’s in-game name: Ivaadi Salwa Character’s gender/pronouns: She/They Character’s species: Norn Briefly describe their physical appearance if it differs from their character model: (see image of character below) Is there any place a stranger might have seen them before in passing? Mostly frequents the Free City of Amnoon, sometimes seen in Lions Arch and Divinity's Reach. Is there any gossip a stranger might have heard about them, whether true or false? "I hear that after they came back from the Mists, they now have some
  2. I have been slowly building my character but feel like there is potential. I am new to roleplaying and don't understand the depths of it. The character I have made is a Seer, former warrior back from the Mists (revenant :P), she has put down her sword after obtaining new ability to read into the future. Originally from snowy regions, she has sought refuge in Amnoon, hoping for a new chapter. She uses oracles (IRL tarot readings I give with my actual deck) to help the people of Tyria in their struggles. She also enjoys playing rhythms on her bodhran and would love to have others to drum around
  3. heya! would love to join! I have been around for a bit and love to help new players!
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