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  1. Monotonous droning from the field sounds like: Ram, push here, stack stack e-STACKEH stackity stacks, don't talk backs. You need this in your life. Please consider our newsletter.
  2. What if I really am you via a little known secret machine that I hid in my backyard called the "Mane-iac Conundrum". Its a dryer. With an alpaca guarding it.
  3. Those aren't feet that is my uncle who we pressed into service last summer to defend north camp! He's seen better days. Also he just plain has seen better.
  4. I've definitely run across a lot of stuns and immob during zerg fights. Over half the time its not necessarily on purpose from the larger group its all the darn rangers blotting out the sky with their blowflex machines. Worse when fighting certain groups of course. Not sure I'd say its a huge issue but I imagine that depends on the tier you are in.
  5. All of our nightly adventures start with one phrase: One time at band camp. You'll just have to join us to find out what happened. It involves salami, cheese whiz and the undead.
  6. I've never really understood what the heck goes on with their marketing team. Heck I'd help them out for free! lol. I was thinking the other day that some sort of merc mode where we could temporarily balance things out ourselves would be awesome. I'm sure it would get abused too but at least it would be something.
  7. We built this city for chaos and you are absolutely invited to help us roast…everything. Details for those with a very small attention span:· Located on Eredon Terrace (the best server ever created)· NA Primetime, NA PST and EU are our time zones· Bring whatever classes you want, rangers are a priority· Sometimes I lead from the comfort of my bathroom shouting commands· Fushnickens Greetings citizens of the realm. I’ve come to invite you into a strange and wondrous place. It is a community of mystery. It is a community of madness. No, we do not float down here. Because we have HOVERC
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