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  1. Hi guys,do you have some good tips how to create build on the thief (which traits,which weapons,which runes (armor,weapon) to farm bags on Halloween lab? Thank youTonny
  2. Ty all for answers... Ok, last question is, when i change the monitor and resolution to (2560x1440,32inch,144Hz) , how many fps can i lost? When i will stay with i7 6700K and GTX 1070...
  3. Hello guys,i have question about good CPU or GPU to improve my FPS in Guild wars 2 Game. I have i7-6700K,4,6Ghz,1,38V/temps under 70degree.I think this game need to have good single thread cpu, is right?When i buy i7 9700K it would be possible to get more FPS? Is worth it? At the moment i have GTX 1070/1920x1080/144Hz monitor/Ram 3200Mhz. I will to play this game and World of Tanks into higher resolution (maybe 2560x1440,32inch,144Hz) https://ibb.co/t4VS3V4 My setup:CPU: I7 6700K/OC 4,6Ghz ,CPU cooler :Noctua NH-D14Motherboard: GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming (rev. 1.0)Ram: HyperX Fury DDR4 16GB (kit2x8
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