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  1. To be honest I prefer the engie version of the Moa skill: "Toss Elixir X" with all traits you'll have it on a 60 sec cd and you can hit 3 targets with it, shure, it will only last for 3 seconds instead of 6 and you have to deal with projectile hate. But overall it feels better to me.
  2. Can we instead have a global Target Cap on the shades-skills?3 by default (around self) and +1 for each shade that is placed in the word. (big shade counts as 3)the target-logic could be like this:When ever a shade skill is activated it checks how many targets are available at each shade location.And how many shades are in the world, to calculate how many enemies can be hit.First it tries to hit 3 Targets around yourself. if there are fewer, the remaining "Target-points" go back to the "pool"Than it tries to hit 1 Target at each shades location. again, if there are fewer Targets the "Target-P
  3. Target painters? A Band Aid to fix a severed leg. Why should it be necessary to have to use a gimmick outside of existing reveals to deal with one class. NO OTHER CLASS REQUIRES THE PURCHASE OF SPECIAL EQUIPMENT FIGHT IT!!! The excessive stealth is servery busted so FIX IT ! Thieves has no other utility in the game mode since everyone can fast roam aroud the map with mount.Than the question should be what other valuable utility can we give to a thief?But I hope we can all agree that having a mechanic in game that is only countered by special equipment and or a 1vs 25 situation is bad game
  4. If your map presence can't bother to sweep once the keep is re-taken then you don't need to waste your time. It's not almost impossible to remove that thief, bothering to do something and not being able to are different things. At what point does your new stealth bar activate? I don't know if I'm understanding correctly about that bars duration and stipulations but regardless, I don't think I want that bar ticking away over my head as I arrive to a keep siege. Any more details you can give or make it more clear visually what's going on with it? The Situation that made me create this Thread wa
  5. Hi there, on my world it's quite common to have a perma-stealth thief camping in your Keep, waiting to port some others in.And when said Thief is somewhat decent,it's almost impossible to remove him from your keep even when you hunt him with multiple people. To address this problem without nerving the thief to the ground I suggest a new mechanic that gets applied to you, when you're within an enemy Keep.This could be visualized with something similar to a breakbar.The Bar starts at it maxiumum value of 300 (seconds_allowed_in_stealth 10)each second in stealth deals 15 (10 + [Heal / second]) p
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