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  1. So, the most likely color tone of deep sea dragon would be umber, coffee, ebony........ ...or a mix of baby pink and cream? 🤔
  2. Trailblazer/dire builds are great for open world but generally, I'd avoid suggesting anything with no/low power damage output to someone new. If they are still working on their story, they will likely get frustrated when they have to destroy some objects where condi damages just don't work. I could be wrong, since you can maintain high alacrity uptime and 25 stacks of might (hope they won't nerf it) I haven't tried it after that patch anyway, but I think celestial would be better.
  3. I have an average ping of 400, can jerk up to 600 occasionally, or 2000, or beyond. That's the main reason I don't do pvp. I don't even bother trying out T2, how could I, if even T1 feels stressing? edit: just one more, one more daily drop like LLLA, things would be so much more tolerable
  4. Done all the non repeat tracks in wvw, pvp is not my thing. Other than that I'm very casual like, my fractal skill level still stuck in T1. And I don't raid, of course. For me, my only sources of mystic coin are login rewards (20/month) and daily LLLA (30/month). Let alone the clovers, if a legendary is going to require a mystic tribute, it's going to take at least 250 mystic coins, and that will take 5 months. This, for me, is the real time gating kitten.
  5. I don't really care if it's going to be timegated. All I care is if they're going to add another source of daily mystic coin in open world.
  6. Aurene: "It's done, Champion." Me: ".......what?" I know something is very wrong if that's all I can come up with, after I finished reading a story. I thought the gw2 story was a fantasy, not a mystery. Also, I don't think the devs gave it that much thinking when they decided to put a waypoint somewhere, especially when they designed the maps in Central Tyria. I think they too know they have put too much of them on Central Tyria, hence we have less in HoT maps, even less after HoT. They just somehow decided to add a setting somewhere in lws2 like oh the waypoints
  7. Not from gw1 not exactly sure what a companion means, but I wish companion in gw2 would be a thing. Like, aside from the normal "Commander" characters, expand our accounts with companion character slots. Allow us to create, train, and gear our companions. Even better if the companions are of the lesser races of Tyria, such as skritt, hylek, quaggan, etc. Some bonus QoL stuff would be like your companion spontaneously harvest nodes within ~900 range in radius. edit: you know, we create the companion, and they have their starter zones and story line that ultim
  8. I don't understand... The symbol of alacrity is a clock, it was meant to be a boon as a result of time manipulation. How can any class be better than a chronomancer, when it comes to time manipulation? Some random idea: -Orders From Above: split the 1.5s of alacrity into 0.75s of alacrity and quickness. -Chaos Vortex: quickness instead of alacrity, or split into 1.5s of alacrity and quickness. ........or maybe change the symbol for alacrity? 🤔
  9. I love the latest changes to Weighty Terms and Stoic Demeanor. As some firebrand with power oriented build I rarely get into tomes and these two traits synergize very well with some braindead build I've been working with. The only downside is that mantra slow foes even when not in combat. I mean, look, quickness is sooo useful not only it helps in fighting foes, it also helps in farming nodes. But no I don't want to aggro some random yellow-named creatures chilling beside some node I want to harvest. Why kill when we can live together in peace, right? Thanks a lot!
  10. If that's to revive old contents, the best way to do that would be some world boss rush or meta event rush that include more things like those in lws3/4, just make some other rushes like dungeon rush or lws3 rush or something like that. This way, all players can take place, card swiping or not. I don't think asking players to spend money and then grind those old contents for some rewards is a good idea.
  11. I have a firebrand with diviner gears and a hammer. Some stupid open world pve build but funny as hell. Pressing 6/7 occasionally for quickness and then auto-attack all the way till everything dies. Spamming light fields along the way. No matter what the zerg is fighting, if I'm with them, there will be only light field combos. 😏
  12. If you're very, VERY new to gw2, like days/weeks, I suggest you to first learn the basic mechanics of your classes, core mesmer if you barely know it, like how to summon your clones and what they do and don't. Get to know the basic stat attributes and how they work (like precision increases your crit chance and ferocity increases your crit damage etc). Read the tooltips of your weapon skills, utility skills, traits, and how selecting different traits affect your skills. And do some experiment running around, make adjustments as you go. Turn to these elite specializations when you have at least
  13. Living far away from the server, raid seems too stressing for me (I mean, look, how can I be great in any endgame content, with average ping ranging from 300 to 600?) Easy mode could be the answer, even better if it's possible to craft legendary armors by doing only easy mode. I don't mind if it would take a long time, but it needs to be rewarding, rewarding enough for people to do it consistently. I think the best way to implement it would be a new currency, dropped from easy raids, that can be traded in for LI. ...if you insist that these luxury items should remain only accessible for the h
  14. I'm a fan of pet dependent mechanic, but I'm not gonna debate on why it shouldn't be applied. I'd lower the ranger's base vitality by 300 (seriously) and power halved (yeah with berserker you can still deal some crazy amount of damage, and some more other stats if needed) and a multiplier of -20% of outgoing power damage and condition damage (ranger only), and boost the pet's base stats by around 20% (without beastmastery). Grant the ranger an F5 skill that varies depend on type of pet (much like soulbeast's F3). Pet's AA hits 3~5 foes, make it quicker if needed. Lengthen pet swap cooldown by
  15. Previous comment: Sharper Images - Illusions inflict bleeding on critical hits.Base value is 5s and 110 damage. Even 100% condition duration will only make it something like 220 damage in 10s, this is assuming the mesmer's condition damage is 0. I think condition damage would be more effective here.
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