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  1. Very exciting!! I think this is a great idea as it keeps it very lively. Great opportunities to play even more with friends and guildmates instead of solo grinds.
  2. I’m doing map completion for a second time and am stopping to appreciate things I might have missed the first time or maybe wasn’t even there. Nothing fancy, but this made my day ❤️
  3. Summons a sweet Ember to fight by your side up to five minutes. I have used it countless times in dungeons, fractals, and world boss events :) If needed, here's a guide on where to buy it and also where to go to do the pre if the vendor is not in his spot:
  4. A Study in Gold Achievement unlocks the Where Exalted Dare Achievement which grants you the Herta. The Herta lets you exchange 250 Bloodstone dust daily into one Glowing Stone. Sorry if already posted, I took a look around and didn't see anything. Enjoy! TiffyMissWiffy Video guide here (if needed):
  5. For those of you who may need it, please check out my latest guide here; Incinerator 1: The Experimental Dagger Guide Incinerator 2: The Perfected Dagger I still have lots to do but please let me know if any other collections may be of interest, I was thinking of doing the dreamer next :D TiffyMissWiffy
  6. Hi everyone! I checked the forum first and I didn't see any videos on the Kusini Crossing mini-dungeon in Crystal Oasis.Hope you enjoy and don't let the mobs get you down!TiffyMissWiffy
  7. I always try to have a few things I am working on so that I can bounce between then. I started with Map Completion and Ascended Gear and now I am working on my precursor and the Griffon. In between that was storylines, Holiday events, and tier 6 mats/clovers. I find it helped mix it up a bit.
  8. I believe it is on the left side when I did it but I also wasn't sure if it was random.
  9. I created a step-by-step guide on completing the Equipment Tracker achievement which also grants a Mastery Point. If working on the Griffon Open Skies: Elon Riverlands achievement, this will also grant the Golsah, the Rune of Honor (must talk to Master Sergeant Shadi twice to receive).I looked around first to see if this guide was already posted but I didn't see anything isolated to just the achievement/mastery point (without digging through a Griffon guide). Hopefully you find it useful. TiffyMissWiffy
  10. I have been bouncing around, collecting mounts, story, completing maps. That being said, I need to focus and get the Griffon Mount before the Mad King events start :grin:
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