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  1. 5v5 deathmatch or 15v15 would be great. If I have to be super honest, I do not know how many actually like this conquest mode or if people are just playing it because it is their only option. 2v2 is too small and just ends in necro battle, because of the "imbalance" around such a small party.
  2. Yeaah not gonna lie. SPvP for me personally, is literally the most boring and unfun thing ever in this game (usually around plat 1-2, not super high). 5v5 deathmatch or 10v10 would be fun. The reason it is not fun for me, is the objectives. I really do not know if people actually think SPvP is fun, or are just badge hunting/hot air from the monthly tournament supported on twitch. Might be wrong, maybe people like it, but I really doubt anyone logging in and playing this game mode, find it fun. But combat system, movement and skills are extremely good and unique in this game. Specially co
  3. When you finally visit PvP forum just to see what kind of special 5 man setup, to capture a point, people are talking about....And found the usual "I liked the world when I was young, I am old now" vent. Are people in these forums even playing the actual game?
  4. Quick responses since you do not seem to read. -PvP is about points not fighting, I am still plat 1-2 tho...Boring af, extremely far away from the dynamic I am asking for. (People seemed hyped about a possible 10v10 deathmatch though) -People come out 3-4 if you try to fight them, explained what happened when I roamed today -I did not explain this previously, but I do several times solo knock down walls, 10 enemies comes, that part does make sense. It is an entire tower, not just random roaming -Where do you think fights happen, and which se
  5. I thought I already explained the first part. But just to expand on what I wrote, in the future New World most likely will become like that, it was not in the beta, and I presume after 6 months it will be close to, if not direcly like Gw2, where it requires insane amount of time, gathering people etc to fight or roaming will contain mainly of 3-4 enemies For the last weird debate comment, people avoid fights because they do not want to die. Been in a looot of servers. People who just defend areas or stuff like that, do not whisper you. Gankers do, a few days ago a thief whispered
  6. It is just a weird comment you wrote. And I responded with people are clearly avoiding fights or running only 3-4 together which I explained happens right now in the game. I just met 2 running alone, they tried to run away, then 3 people north camp, 4 people south. I do PvP, I am not super high. Between plat 1-2 on alt atm 2k AP, but capture the point is honestly a boring concept. And every server seem to be like this at the moment, there are people who genuinely want to log in and fight either big fights or small scale or maybe even 1v1, I know that, but it is in between a lot of
  7. Genuinely just jumped into a 3v1 after I died from a 4v1 in hills- And now heading to north camp, not trying to sound "hard" 🤣And never skipped a 1v1 for years I think o.o But you seem to be a thief, so I do understand you commenting on this
  8. I personally might leave for New World and I do consider myself a semi strong player. But that is still only 1 person, do not think that is a representation of semi strong or even hardcore players in Gw2. Even though I personally like that it is that it is a new game where people are more keen to fight, where it does not require a week to set up fights, or people run away, gank fun new mechanics etc. The issue with Gw2 is probably because it is old, so people do not want to log in and just fight randomly. When you blob fight in wvw, you have 1 side giving up after 1-2 fights, switch
  9. Honestly, it really depends on the server. If you are looking for fights, find a fight server, and usually fights should not quickly be over, that really depends on the players of said server, if all you have is damage scrappers, DH, weavers and maybe a few too many rangers or maybe even condi, then you are obviously lacking cleanse/healing/barrier/stab etc. just in general sustain. Which means capping keeps will be impossible since people are 1 push zerkers. (Either you finish enemy in 1 push, or your people insta drop from the lack of boons/healing). It should be extremely possible to c
  10. 1: Time of dev= 2: Exactly, so people here gives suggestions that would improve the game and A-Net find out if it is worth it, why are you worrying about time it would take to make and money it would take, rather than if the suggestions itself is good or not. Is literally my question? You do not know the "metrics" 2a: I mean at this point xDDDDDDDD Dude ok, literally not genuine. Why would we compare an MMORPG fantasy world where you can buy mounts with another MMORPG fantasy world where their main income is literally buying skins for mounts, imagine right? The busin
  11. I do not think you fully understand. 1: Why is "time" the response to a sugguestion, when you have no idea what cost/time would be in the first place? Why not just respond with the genuine problem you have with this sugguestion. If you have one? But the "time" response just seems weird. 2: I already responded (I still think the overall question is weird......but) do you want a fully-fledged report or just a "look at WoW, with their double carry mounts and how many people jumped on that"....
  12. Money? More skins, more people active, an easy way to give people a goal to progress towards. That is kinda why I find discussion weird "how much time does it take" as a point of why it should not happen. Like 99% of every comment is like that. At the end of the day the company got to make that decision, also calculate how long it would take, how many people would be needed on it, and what team(s) would be on it. You actually have to filter every single one of the "but tiiime" comment out to actually read anything worth as an actual response. I mean if there is something actually wrong w
  13. When you jump into discussion forum once, and suddenly remember how weird some of the responses are 🤣 I really do not know the chained arguements that makes people not want to do this. But the actual mount could work as a some sort of shared mount, could be helpful for new players who got their friends in the game
  14. I would honestly pay big money for a 5v5 deathmatch or a 10v10. I get that some people likes conquest, but I think a lot of people would rather do a 5v5 deathmatch or 10v10. And the whole "2 necros" kinda dies out in a bigger fights with renegades, cond cleanse heals, stab, stuns etc
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