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  1. Hello! Do you think there is the chance to put as selectable what screen GW2 is using? I've 2 monitors and it would be awesome to have gw2 on the secondary one, since for example, with windows 11, i can't switch the bottom bar between the screens like i did for windows 10. Thanks!
  2. I needed to take off the dx11 during the "leap into the pit leading to Kesho" part of "The Way Forward" of PoF storyline. The screen was black except the ui as soon as i leapt inside
  3. I discovered that enabling on my Razer earphones the enhanced surround option, and on windows audio option selecting the 7.1 surround, if i look at talking npcs exactly frontally, the sound fades all away, letting me hear only the environment sounds. Did anybody noticed the same thing? If i turn myself though, the sound is correctly heard in the matching side. Many thanks
  4. I tried last resort and restarted pc... and it ended up it was my pc bug, sorry... close the topic
  5. I have a Logitech G600 mouse, and i bound the numpad buttons on the side, and i'm using them mainly for the F1-5 buttons. Well since today if i press for example the num1, it triggers both the f1 and the 1 skills. In specific, for my ele, it triggers both the previous element 1 skill and changes to fire element. And... yes, i already tried restarting the game. Sad sad thing, since that if it doesn't get fixed, i risk to need change both mouse and game bindings... Please devs fix soon!
  6. Me & the whole map just did the whole event and the achievement didn't unlock.
  7. It depends on yur approach to combat. Shadow Arts have lots of nice stuff which SUPPORT STEALTHING not GOING INTO STEALTH So the stuff yu will find in Shadow Arts are mostly defensive traits which synergize to applying Stealth to yurself, and some minor sustain, which allows yu to kite mobs around, play around with mobs, focusing on stealthing and reapplying stealth after an attack etc etc. Critical Strikes is meant for a more aggressive approach aimed at taking down enemies faster.For one, yu will have boosted Critical Strike chance, and with proper trait choice, the ability to grant yurself
  8. So sorry I didn't look enough on subsections!
  9. Hello! I just started back after years, from 0, and I'm trying the thief class.Any advice on how to build it to base it on stealth, backstab and evades? Does it become too much single target? Is it ok to put id double dagger? Many thanks in advance!
  10. Hello! As said i'm a returning player after 6 years, and i dragged a friend of mine in starting playing.Sadly since he doesn't speak much english, i'd need an italian speaking guild. Many thanks!
  11. Hello world!I came back to play after 6 years, and i started back from 0.I decided doing a new class and i'm liking the double dagger thief, with stealth and lots of evasion., i'm level 22 nowDo anyone has an advice on how to build it up?Also, seeing i like backstab i'm sure i'll need to do a Deadeye... Many thanks in advance!
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