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  1. Hello, During the 2nd half of the main story and onwards I have had consistent disconnects after certain cutscenes and dialog sections. I tried the clientport 443 trick, mashing keys, as well as running a YouTube Video in the background which seemed to have fixed fixed problem for a bit but I eventually started disconnecting again. I then tried deleting the gamecache folder and that seemed to stop the dc's for a few story missions. I then experienced another dc in a later mission, deleted the game cache folder and then successfully got through that story mission. So now, every time I pla
  2. Have you guys tried deleting the gamecache folder in Appdata? I find that doing this every time I before I play gw2 helps me avoid most crashes
  3. Just updating hoping to possibly help some players out. When I originally started getting disconnected around "Battle of Claw Island", I started doing the following... - Clientport 443 added to target name in properties - Have a long YouTube video running in the background while playing - Continuously press movement and skill keys during cutscenes. Doing these 3 things helped me get through several story missions up until recently when I started getting disconnected again in the exact same spot after an unskippable cutscene. What I am doing now is only 2 things
  4. I have the same issue and so do many others. It's been going on for several years apparently. There are some workarounds such as having a YouTube video running in the background and pressing keys while in a cutscene but they don't always work.
  5. I too am having the same issue after story cutscenes. Right after I see my character with a "film" icon over their head and then I disconnect and get kicked out to the character select screen. I didn't have this issue until around the "Battle of Claw Island" story missions. I have tried the client port 443 trick, as well as running a YouTube video in the background while playing and also hitting movement/skill keys during cutscenes and these have helped me successfully finish a few story instances but now they don't seem to be working on the current story step I'm on. I have also reached out t
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