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  1. It's fine it can't damage while evading like this op mirage with top mobility and insane damage who were everywhere 😁😘
  2. I lost faith on mesmer community when they were arguing to destroy anything but shatter gameplay. @ZDragon.3046 : More seriously, as long as there is a 1 sec CD after you put the curtain before activating the pull, you have 1 to 5 sec to either : - go out of range. (any normal evade should do the trick, the most easier to do.) - put you on a terrain block path. - blind the mes. - put some stab. - trigger some block/aegis. - aoe spam destroy illusions so that even if he grab he can't do anything. - just getting grab because : 1) you know that
  3. That's why everyone run focus in PvP. 😄 Ho wait someone tell me that meta classes bump from point didn't have tells/counter for most of them with NO 2 PART ICD. AND OR have 2nd kisscool effect way more powerfull than swiftness/cripple.
  4. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/113254-3-in-1-skills-the-return/
  5. Then we face classes with 3 on 1 skills literraly immune to hard CC with more evade uptime (or who can just facetank burst passively). But hey it's fine because they "don't evade while cced". I find whine about "evade while stunned" kinda outdated just to say. Having more hard CC than a dedicated CC mesmer is weird IMO. And many classes throw now CC like peanuts. About chrono bunker 2.0 it was due to phantasm rework which lead only to 2 more dead utility skills, same for traits. This 1 season after the rework. Maybe they can find a solution about this one day. Actually power blo
  6. I just wonder how guys who die versus mesmers survive better vs meta classes.
  7. Just to say : when you have 3 in 1 skills, you don't need to cover your skills by burning temporisation on it. I'm looking at you meta classes since 2 years +.
  8. I disagree about mirage looking at mAt and EU ladderboard (dunno about NA.). The only moments where mesmers where overrepresented everywhere were during chrono bunker 1.0 and 2.0 meta (phantasm rework.). Which is very little over 10 years.
  9. I didn't notice it because I always cast mirror blade in my range to shatter burst or in a group of ennemies. But are you sure it bounced ? I thought that's why the combo has to cast the phantasm first (before the phantasm rework at last) for the bounce to bounce over the phantasm because it didn't on the created clone since release. Did someone has a video of a range bounce before the patch ?
  10. More uptate fixing numbers while maintaining the 3months big updates...
  11. I think toxicity is contagious. Mean I was all kind and friendly 10 years ago, now I'm raging pretty easily about balance. (not against player in game though.) That said, top PvP players were more toxic IMO back in the beginning of the game than now where they mostly play for fun.
  12. you cannot produce the slightest factual argument so you run away IMO. What I expected was what @Terrorhuz.4695 juste wrote which isn't subject to debate. No snobbery like: " I know everything, you don't understand anything.".
  13. It sure is hard to find something that don't exist haha. Why can you see the big picture and other not ? Are you a super hero ? Paper craft is paper craft. If you give chrono a try, you will see that you will never go in competition with it because of : the setup and the environnment. Now back to the subject, chrono can be a thing if we look at thoses crappy passive output badly dispatched for example.
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