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  1. You right, moste of thoses which I think about are breath...
  2. After 10 years, can it work one day on sloping ground like every other profession wave skill please, thanks.
  3. On a side note, power mes is generally more lacking condi cleanse to counter random passive weakness application/cripple/blind (and I insist on the passive application from meta class) than output. Now the day they gut thoses condi application comming from meta class, we will be fine. Plus : the nerf on superspeed on core power builds hit really hard while facing guys which base speed outrun you...
  4. It was too strong against plebs keyboard's rollfacer sadly. Like confusion... This game going crazy pegi4 with everyone doing the same thing btw. And you will have the so called "skill squad" on this forum who will jump on you about passive and how mesmer should be the only class with all his traits/skills active because they feel good.
  5. You don't need 1000 hours come on. I perform better on random class for legendary backpak than on since beginning main.😜
  6. The worst part is that it loop : less mesmer = less used to fight mesmer = more whine = more nerf = less mesmer .... 😄
  7. This quote has nothing to do with your OP, I'm just kinda bored of plebs trying to rewrite history for them to give another whine reason. What class did you play and did you want link to streamers who play your class to see how they manage it ? Did you know that on metabattle PvP build, at the bottom, you have link to stream/video of people playing thoses builds ? If you really want helpful suggestions, looking at videos showing how other players deal with it (or not because as wrote above, warrior for example isn't well suited for this) is IMO the best way to progress.
  8. I only remember that in EU the period where mesmers were much more represented compared to other class in leaderboard and At was during the chrono 1.0 and 2.0 meta. This time apart we always had plenty of tears on forum while EU top 100 and At were full of other overepresented class. I can understand that it can be not fun to fight and so on, but looking at the history efficiency there is an abyss between this crying fourm and in-game, at least en EU.
  9. Passive weakness application is the summum of frustration IMO, particulary on thief and ranger as it's on their normal cycle. Necro spamming aoe is another problem.
  10. Unerf mesmer focus grab icd, thanks. "This skill now has a 1-second recharge before it can be used after placing Temporal Curtain."
  11. o/ PvP view : Nice QoL. I'm curious about jazz opinion on the subject but the casting part on mantra of distraction was a fun counterpart imo. Mantra aren't mantra anymore but usual skills, I'm mitigated about this. Nice QoL. Lose of conditions diversity, It's fine if other classes lose conditions diversity too. We finally get a staff with 5 skills. Not anymore an offensive ambush, but a buff allies ambush, why not. It's sad IH didn't impact it slightly at all. As related by @Curunen.8729, durati
  12. Yes because mesmer was more fun before june 2015.And more practically there is many way to brain them and few to make them work, particulary in a aoe fiesta PvP scenario where time catches up and old signet of illusions aren't a things anymore.
  13. Remember when mesmers were everywhere on LB...Ho wait, it only appear during chronotank hypes (on EU at last.).Hopefully people play less efficients classes for all remaining seasons.By the way, see you next patch if it ever come.
  14. 9v9 with 1 of each class just for the meme and bypass balance.
  15. "What happened to this game..." :Casualisation. With time to time marketing people who took balance people jobs.
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