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  1. Suggestion for Dodge: Give vindicator normal dodges and one Fn skill that does the current long dodge on big cooldown, give invuln and zoom out the fov while in the air, also increase movement speed while on air and don't pause while landing.
  2. Few Suggestions. 1. Seperate the legends and make two legends, legendary kurzick champion stance and legendary luxon champion stance. 2. Make both elite skills upkeep that changes your 1-5 skills. Archemorus elite gives 1-5 spear skills while Victor elite gives 1-5 urn skills. 3. The dodge mechanics doesn't suit what the elite spec is about, regular dodges would be very better. 4. Few Unique Fn skills, vindicator should not be limited to its legends. 5. Make Gs 5 skill targeted leap like daredevil's staff 5 and then create aoe rift of damage where you land. 6. Gs
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