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  1. oh yes, hehe tht would be really awesome/amazing if u were able to find a guild tht fit your criteria. tht abit about wht im looking for as well. im farely new to gw2. played bk when PoF had just released / was releasing but i didnt get far cuz my friend at the time quit playing. and then i somehow lost my account. and didnt remember the cc i used on it. so ehre i had to use another account i had made to be able to even contact customer suppert.. x.x but to skip the hassle i just upgraded this account so here i am. and yes i find too tht alot of guilds say the same thing. but then
  2. oh well im hardly in queensdale heh.
  3. Well i just left a guild it was a descent size. but yeah. everytime i would ask for help or anything no one answered me. so after 3 days or so i just left lol. rn i need hero points so i can finish out training scourge so i can actually spec in it. i am in a very small guild tht do, do stuff. but they seem to do stuff according to majority regular guys. and being tht im farly new fesh 80. no one rlly wants to schedual things or even stick to scheduals of doing wht i actually need. so its kinda reduntant and annoying ;/ just cuz they have like 10 or 15 80 or whatever and i technically only have
  4. so im not sure if this is the right spot to post or even inquire about something like this. but i totally bought the whole of g2 today even end of dragons pre order. but then i i lrealised i had no one to play it with. as lonley as it sounds i rlly dislike playing games with no one to tlk too. and being tht majority of guilds dont rlly tlk to ppl who are new to the guild or even the game. at least in my experience there more or less over looked untill u can actually do the same content as everyone else. which. idk kinda sad imo. but unfortunately thts how things are. but in any cas
  5. Hello i am fairly new to gw2 and looking for a guild. just now currently bought the game 🙂 just trying to figure out what server yall are on heh
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