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  1. So what you are telling me is that, because of a few trolling players, an entire server should be punished? When we were with Vabbi, yes there were people saying nonsense, as everywhere, but for each one like that, we were 5 or 6 times more cheering the people of Vabbi, we had commanders commanding in English, even if they didn't even know how to speak it. And if indeed that is the reason that Baruch never got any link, Dev should make it a international server.
  2. Just one question that worries me, a wvw player from Baruch Bay. Why my server, Baruch Bay never get a server link? Day after day we got less and less population in wvw in this server, but, we only got a link with Vabbi (and i think that was by accident) several month (or one year) back. And we must see internationals servers, or macro-server like Desolation, Gandara, Underworld, got links. So, i would like to know what Dev use to base the servers link here.
  3. • Your assigned team: Silent Forests (Bosques Silenciosos) • Your original home shard: Baruch Bay • The name of the WvW guild you selected in the World Restructuring menu and if it was selected before last night’s deadline: Guild Wars Roamers [RoA] • A description of the issue: wrong team.
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