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  1. I tried looking for mention of this, but didn’t find any posts. Are there any remote plans to make the client multi-account on login? For example, the battle net client allows you to select an account tied to your main account to log in to. Switching between alternate accounts this way would be a great upgrade to the client for many of us who have acquired multiple accounts over the years due to promotions.
  2. Which i'm sure will happen, but I could see that creating a reverse issue where EoTM becomes more valuable than the main maps so I would hope Anet would never agree to that. I like the thought of this. And because of the way instancing works with EoTM it may need to be more reliant on match score to determine winners but either way. Ultimately, better rewards to encourage activity in EoTM. They could include greater WvW XP gain too but with more reaching 10k and a lack of reward beyond a singular title, there would need to be a better and more expansive WvW level rewar
  3. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the map itself, with the introduction of alliances likely continuing to become more permanent and with the expansion around the corner one could likely anticipate longer queues while connecting to WvW. With these queues, as I think this was originally intended (could be wrong), overflowing into the Edge of the Mists seems ideal but with a lack of true reason for being there (let's be honest, supplies at the home citadel doesn't seem to be enticing to anyone) the map has become dead outside of GvGs at the arena that I'm sure most players don't even know about.
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