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  1. Technically, that account is 15 years old, give or take, since it was not a NCSoft account , I had to merge it with a new one I made 2-3 years ago so I am not sure if I can do it again with this one.
  2. So, since I was gone for a bit, I forgot my old account's info, but managed to get it back up recently. Honestly, I wish there was a way to merge this one with my old one, I saw one solution which is just ask the Customer Support team to change the email of my old one to my current one but I don't know if that would complicate things or basically just bork my new one. Any advice for what to do would be nice. :u (Or, at least be able to transfer my old characters to the new account)
  3. I guess. I know Elementalist, in general, is designed a bit more for healing than most other classes... but as I mentioned in my post showing interest in Elementalist, I am wary of it and for good reason, considering some of them said it's not a good idea to go for it.
  4. So, rather stumped on classes, I want to stick to one singular character but I am having a very hard time finding one that I feel fits me, closest ones are Necro and Mesmer, but I've played both for years and want to try something else. I have Revenant and Thief to level 80 and specced to Vindicator and Specter respectively and tried all of their other specs, I like Vindicator and Specter most, but still feel as though the two don't fit but am willing to continue playing the two until I get a feel for either one if need be. I guess, I like a particularly mage-y class that has high survivabi
  5. My first MMO was also Everquest, personally, I prefer Everquest II because of well.. it's less clunky and less overwelming. It's still clunky, but not as clunky. And yeah, Modern MMOs are fun, but will never perfectly simulate what it was like to play EQ1/EQ2, Ultima, Runescape and so on.
  6. Unfortunate that I never got to try Vanguard, a lot of EQ2 players loved it and, honestly, I would love to try it if it ever resurfaces.
  7. Sadly, there are no private servers for EQ2, by technicality. There is one but it's basically in pre-pre-pre-alpha stage, currently unplayable unless you like running around and doing nothing. I am aware of EQ1's private servers, but, to be honest, I am more interested in EQ2 since it's less overwhelming for me.
  8. Knowing I'm both an EQ1 and EQ2 veteran/refugee, I miss a lot of things I used to do in both of them that aren't as easily replicated in GW2, but, with the EQ series holding on by a very thin thread from a life or death situation, I am like... 80% moved to GW2 as my main MMO. EQ2 players are so pessimistic, bitter and rather unhelpful these days, They're so resigned and don't even want to bother with trying to get the devs motivated again in any way. I am still passionate about the series and seeing that series slowly die because of neglect and care from both the company and the community, it'
  9. Same, funnily enough, I was happy they had, at least, Necromancer and, technically, Assassin in GW2. Didn't try Mesmer until 2014 and ended up loving it. Mesmer is basically the closest thing to Bard for me since, at that time, I wished more MMOs had bard as a class.
  10. I'm kinda in the same boat, however, I've tried pretty much every MMO I could find and most were in the categories of trash and meh. FF14 feels pretty above average, like not great but not bad either, just decent, but the people are really nice, at least. ESO feels... almost meh, it's barely decent, the mindnumbingly easy overworld kinda ruins it for me. (if you thought base GW2 overworld was easy, think of baby's first MMO and you got ESO) As mentioned, I tend to go back and forth between GW2 and EQ2, they're the only two that keep my interest in the MMO genre.
  11. Yeah! I didn't start on EQ1 until 2000 or 2001 because well.. I was like 3 when EQ1 came out. Played EQ1 with my family until 2004, then played EQ2 until GW1's release.. then kinda drifted about on MMOs for a long time, even now. GW2 and EQ2 are still my go-to MMOs since I consider them both the best out of the genre.
  12. Oh yeah, I'm from EQ2 and Mabinogi, I agree that Mabinogi is very, very unique for a MMO, and it's a shame no MMO company has tried to replicate that, the only one closest to it is Black Desert Online and I say that very loosely. lol If only Mabinogi wasn't owned by literally the EA of Korean MMO companies. I got interested in GW1 for a....very dumb reason, I was a 12 year old kid so, my reasoning was because the capes had cloth animation and EQ2 didn't. lol I had very weird priorities for MMOs back then. Either way, I still, very much, enjoyed GW1, but didn't get far from what I remember.
  13. Like Everquest 1 or 2, Runescape, Ultima, Mabinogi, Maplestory or even GW1. I came to GW1 from Everquest 2, then when GW2 came out, I got it as an early birthday present when I was 16. Been on GW2 on and off since a month or two after release and I still enjoy it, definitely much more fun than most MMOs I've played. :u
  14. That's why I said it's "supposed to be". I heard how Elementalist was basically gutted when it came to ranged stuff so yeah.
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