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  1. You've missed the point here. Of course getting legendaries across a whole account is a huge convenience bonus but I'm going to have 400+ items of unneeded ascended stuff that I dont know what to do with because currently salvaging all that would cost more money than manually deleting it all. You can't suggest to just take the loss when it also affects any newly gained ascended gear too. I know I'm in the minority here with this problem but it just feels really bad to get rid of all this gear and get nothing for it.
  2. Is there going to be a monetary incentive to moving all current ascended gear setups onto legendary setups? Currently I have 9 classes geared with 2/3 builds for each as well as multiple bank characters and bank tabs full of ascended gear that will become obsolete with this update since I have all available legendary trinkets and armors and would like to use them. I've calculated it would cost me upwards of 400 salvage kit uses to get rid of all the useless ascended gear I now have. Trinkets give stabilizing matrices which is mostly fine and profitable to salvage but back pieces d
  3. Exactly it can just be a bit annoying sometimes having it on when you want it off and vice versa. Another example is eater of souls where you need to have ground target on when throwing the orbs otherwise they might miss, plenty of times I've messed that up. The notification is only for builds i believe but yes there is something in place already.
  4. There are a few QOL things I'd like added that other people may want as well. -A message in chat when a setting has been changed. I have a hotkey to turn auto targetting on and off and another for lock ground aoe's to target. It would be very useful if I could get a message in chat to quickly see whether it is on or off without having to open the settings and scroll down. Similiarly for other settings i.e. "autoattack ON".-A message shown in chat when switching between build templates. i.e. "build slot 1 loaded" / "Zerk DPS loaded".-A keybind to switch build templates AND gear templates at the
  5. It seems to me that eagle runes and possibly scholar runes are bugged in that their % modifiers aren't working. If you compare the graphs of these two dps logs pre and post patch:PRE-https://dps.report/WXCM-20190213-160139_golemPOST-https://dps.report/97lV-20190306-173636_golemThere's no incline in the post patch log whereas the graph steepens pretty significantly before. Was wondering if anyone could confirm either way.
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