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  1. If u like ur mental health , dont play spvp . Its just not worth it anymore . It hurts more than it is fun
  2. Try playing herald withouth shiro ? Its in their kit and thats all that matters not "what if it wasnt there" . It is.
  3. I mean, Willbender as all his evades, blinds and can also "traversal" on an enemy without them even see em comming. It even has more heals and more condi cleanse then herald ?
  4. So what exactly about revenant or more specific herald, is so much better then willbender ? Seriously, on willy I deal twice as much damage as on my herald. Im curious
  5. Problem is idk what currently good duelist or sidenoders are. Can somebody tell me ?
  6. So what are the classes you would suggest then ? If thief for example isn´t good for soloq carry potential ? What are really good duelists ? Spellbreaker? Ranger of any kind ? Would love to hear your opinion 🙂
  7. I certainly dont wanna be in the top 100. BUT I want a class that doestn rely much on the RNG that the nature of random ranked matches give me . For example playing a core Necro, yeah its Meta and nice but it relys on a team that knows wtf is going on. Spellbreaker could be a strong "soloq" class 🙂
  8. Yes I expected that answer :D 1 thing I often see especially in random ranked games is that highly skilled players DOMINATE everyhting with ranger. But you never ever see one in the AT‘s . What about that?
  9. Hello, I spent the last 2 month playing PvP everyday with a different class. What is the general opinion on which professions atm are worth the time to learn and perfectionist in ? Some insight of some of the better players is highly appreciated , cuz its driving me nuts 🙂 cheers !
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