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  1. Problem resolved, thanks! It gave me the option to turn it in when I signed back on. Sorry to bother you guys!
  2. I can't get Golsar, the Rune of Honor, which I need to get a Griffon. I've completed the achievement Equipment Tracker and reported back to Shadi, but I didn't get any rune.
  3. Current buy orders for Soy Beans have them going at 50 copper each.
  4. I've got characters parked on the farm in Seitung Harbor. To keep thing easy, I'm farming the higher value stuff while leaving the lower value stuff alone. I'm farming: Flax, Carrots, Herb Seedlings and Cherry Blossom trees. I'm leaving: Lotus, Cabbage, Potatoes, Zucchini, Sugar Pumpkins, and Soy Beans. My question is: Is there anything I clearly ought to be foraging than I'm not? I know that a lot of these plants have secondary drops that might be worth more than their primary drop.
  5. What's the easiest class for doing story missions? I'm guessing that it's an Engineer with turrets. But maybe it's a Necromancer with any army of undead, or something else.
  6. I have to do lots of jumping puzzles to get the Skyscale? I only want the Skyscale because I hate jumping puzzles so much. This might actually be enough for me to quit GW2 and go find another game. But you say there's a way to skip the jumping puzzles?
  7. I believe that I'm going to work towards getting a Skyscale. I've read, though, that it's easier to get the Skyscale if you get the Griffon first. Is it worth getting the Griffon first if what you really want is the Skyscale, or is getting the Griffon first more trouble than it's worth?
  8. Are these 5 glyphs equally good for making money? Since I can only use one kind of glyph at a time, should I just get whichever of those 5 are cheapest? That would be Alchemy at 86 gold each.
  9. I'm looking to make more gold while engaged in incidental gathering at nodes I stumble across while adventuring.
  10. I have all the gear for the level 80 Revenant Booster Build listed here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Level-80_Boost But the skills listed under Devastation aren't the same in the game and on the site. The site tells me to get: Devastation: Vicious Lacerations, Assassin's Presence, Assassin's Annihilation But I have neither Vicious Lacerations nor Assassin's Annihilation as an option in the game.
  11. I tell a lie. I haven't opened one of the equipment packages. It says "All of these items are salvageable", but it seems not to be true! Is there anything to do with the equipment package other than destroy it?
  12. Oh! (I could have sworn the text said otherwise in game). Is there anything to do with it apart from just destroy it?
  13. So, I opened the Boosters, which the text said would contain salvageable equipment. But when I click on my salvage kit, the equipment is red and I'm not given the option to salvage it. Any ideas on how to salvage it?
  14. I have 3 level 80 Boosters taking up space in my shared inventory. I already have a level 80 character of every profession and one empty character slot. Is there any point in creating a 10th character to boost to level 80?
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