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  1. I wanna ask if there is a possibility to disable that noisy sound of the Mini Charr Car (besides hiding the complete Miniature or turn off the game sound ^^'). The Mini Charr Car is a cool Miniature but it sound's like a mowing machine which runs all the times. I payed about 7 Gold and I couldn't hear this permanent sound in the preview - so it's a bit annoying. Would be nice if there is a volume panel or just no sound. What do you think ?
  2. Yes, same problem here. But since today after 15 or 20 seconds the passive tome effect vanishes after the "fix" by swapping to another trait line and then go back. Also mount and demount doesn't work anymore either, or go back to character selection screen. (Unfortunately I can't post a picture or a video clip.)
  3. I have already written my experiences before in another thread: So there is just one thing I want to write about: The visual effect of the unleashed Pet doesn't look very beautiful like many other Tyrians said before. It should be more subtle.
  4. I like the Untamed but nevertheless it feels incomplete. I don't understand why the hammer is the only weapon whose skills change when the Ranger is unleashed. It would be great if the other weapons have this feature too. At this moment most of the time I let my Pet be unleashed for some reasons. The Ambush Skill is only available for 4 seconds after unleashing the Ranger. An unleashed Ranger has a higher damage output but the additional Pet skills are useless: You have to give the order for attacks that the Pet automatically does with other Ranger Professions. In my opinion the Pet skill
  5. Excelsior ! The [Taste for Danger] Trait says: Gain increased vitality. You and your pet gain expertise based on vitality. The [Natural Fortitude] Trait says: Gain vitality. Unleashed Ambush skills siphon health if they hit. Siphon healing is reduced for each target struck beyond the first. But the [Natural Fortitude] doesn't affect the [Taste for Danger]. My expertise doesn't increase. Is this a bug or is there difference in the mechanic between "Gain increased vitality" and "Gain vitality". My attribute values with both Traits [Natural Fortitude] and [Taste for Danger]: Vi
  6. Excelsior ! It's not a big deal, but annoys me a bit. The first time I explored the desert I randomly picked up the "Riddle of the Weaver" Gear with my Guardian and it's instantly soulbound. I didn't know that the Gear is part of a collection. I don't want to use it for it's stats but want to keep it as a souvenir. Some of these Elite Spec collectables can only be found if you play with the right profession. I just wonder why it's not with all of these items. And why are some soulbound and some just accountbound. Unfortunately these items can obtained only once, right?
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