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  1. I wish for a Synergetics Turtle mount skin that turn it into a floating fortress. Basically, only keep the shell and canons and make them asura-tech looking. A levitating golem brick with canons would be glorious.
  2. You can do a celestial dagger mirage for open world too.
  3. I would rather they have less potency at half the cast time. 1.5s charge time would be better. And the charges should have a short recharge time but do very little. Like, Mantra of Resolve removing 3 conditions on self and allies (instead of 13 on self and 3 on allies) for 1.5s cast time. And Power Cleanse removing 1 condition on self and allies, but with a 8s count recharge. Or Mantra of Recovery with a 20s cooldown, 1.5s cast time, heal a bit more. While Power Return have a 10s count recharge.
  4. Not really. DH sounds much more solo than Willbender Even their description reflect this. One talk about plural willbenderS, the other mention a single dragon hunter. From the wiki It's okay to call alac WB clunky or badly designed and ask for a change, but DH should be the pure DPS elite.
  5. Virt gets to keep the blades after killing something
  6. Mesmer heal by not healing until they get a healing weapon, maybe the rifle, or a rework
  7. Relic should not be exclusive to 1 profession. But clones should be "stored" when out of combat and switch target baseline. At least on chronomancer.
  8. You forgot the bags of coin (6 AA until 90, then 30 AA)
  9. But older alt accounts don't have masteries. Try doing dailies without mounts nor autoloot.
  10. There is a pack with all the expansions. There is a pack with all the expansions and the living world. But there is no pack with all the living world. Such pack should exists. Many new players that joined our guild have bought the all expansions pack because they had no idea what the living world was and now they're stuck unable to purchase all the living world at once merely because of a mistake by ignorance of the game they made in the beginning. ArenaNet should make a pack with all the living world seasons. Or give a -40% discount on the complete pack if you own all the expansions it includes (HoT, PoF, EoD).
  11. It would be redundant with axe/scepter/pistol who are already mid-range. But gap closer absolutely. I assume it'll be a melee condition weapon. But then with scourge doing 49k benchmark, don't really need more powerful condition weapons xD
  12. The line appear when you hold the skill, aim with the line, then release the fireball.
  13. You wouldn't be able to hit foes floating in the middle of the sky, which some events need you to.
  14. I love doing open world. So many meta events, bounties, gathering nodes, jumping puzzles, and other things to do. I farmed thousands of elegy mosaic in bounties. Thousands of materials for various crafts. I gathered countless ores, wood logs, and plants. Farming the 6 same foes with no variation for thousands of hours is the thing that's the unacceptable. It's indefensible. ANet must add to rift hunting to make it fun to do. More variations, renewing challenges. You can't pull out of your butt what motives other people are, that's called a strawman fallacy. It's already contradicted by what I said in previous posts. You added a sprinkle of condescension too, which is plain despicable.
  15. That's a flaw with how bounty spawns which rifts don't have. But you can't take a weakness of the bounty system to excuse the lack of variation that rift hunting suffer.
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