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  1. Yeah! That too. These two outfits seem out of left field entirely. I don't like that it's a possible trend that may be starting... That doesn't bode well for End of Dragons IMO?
  2. Does anyone else find this extremely unfitting and/or problematic? Neither of them mesh well with the Guild Wars universe just by name alone, and then the theming of both sets doesn't fit either. It feels outright from a totally different game instead. If this was supposed to be an "Elonian" outfit, then it probably would've been recolored and the named after the Mordant Crescent or designed in style of the Desert King items. The Shrine Guardian items aren't blatantly called "Kitsune" anything. So why is this outright "Pharaoh" and "Royal Anubis?"
  3. | "Enigmatic and relentless, there's not much compiled here but it is a start for any would-be researchers." Hello there everyone! The name's Nile, and going by the topic, I've decided to share this article-style compilation of Largos fanon. This has been the result of about, three years of collaboration so far now with a few close friends and I. We're worldbuilders at heart, and the Largos are relatively a blank slate. Of course, I'm no official speaker on Anet's behalf and this is all fanfiction, but, if it's useful to somebody I'll keep on working at updates for it. And, I'll try t
  4. Here's the real way to "fix" this, or at least make it less of a sting to people that don't want a large pool chance.Because I doubt the RNG aspect is going to be removed, it's just kinda how these things work nowadays.Why aren't these being treated like gemstore dye kits? Purchase a Mount Adoption License.Double-click to use the item once purchased.Select from a prompt window of what type of mount you'd rather adopt: Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, Jackal, Griffon.Now the RNG is restricted to only ONE type of mount.This makes targeting easier. This makes people happier with the concept. It makes i
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