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  1. I still get random crashes with TP. Yesterday played for over 2 hours without issues. This morning however it crashed within half an hour.
  2. Hello, currently testing new package. For the most part everything's working fine with the exception of trading post. Rough estimate, sometime next week 🙂
  3. I was perfectly fine with the way the controls were and while going back to them takes a few seconds, I really don't like the idea that Anet didn't even bother to document in their changelog. Just as they didn't bother to document that the trading post middleware was updated.
  4. Installing Wine from the package manager should be done on every system as it will automatically install most required dependencies. As for that package, no installation is needed, you can unzip it into your home folder and create a portable setup from it. In your case, it's probably easier to just install the one from the AUR repo. @MrEMan.1730 Might be a while before I release a new package, the only 2 issues I have so far since the new update is with the TP crashing the game after a period of gameplay and the flickering lighting which is also present on Windows.
  5. After a week I've finally got the game running on both my desktop and laptop (AMD gpu and Intel HD respectively). took me a little longer than most due to running an old distro. It's good to be back despite the TP still being a mess. I don't like Steam or clients in general, so I feel you on that. I used this build: https://github.com/GloriousEggroll/wine-ge-custom/releases/download/GE-Proton7-21/wine-lutris-GE-Proton7-21-x86_64.tar.xz (pre-compiled Wine build) From there I setup a new prefix, added DXVK game worked fine. If for some reason you're 100% sur
  6. Been trying to login since the update without success. I've tried various Wine versions, none of them are working. For the moment I can't even provide a proper standalone package. I skimmed over the latest changelog multiple times and there's absolutely no sign of this change.
  7. I tried to run the game on an Intel HD laptop today. Disabling DXVK didn't help, tried with WineD3D and I've even tried Gallium Nine. From what I can tell so far, it seems to run mostly on some build of Proton-GE and it doesn't work for everyone. Considering there's also those lighting issues, I'll wait till the dust settles for now, with the hope that a future patch will bring things to normal again.
  8. I've tried to compile it from source and it did not work, which leads me to believe it's most likely a dependency issue somewhere. Could anyone who hasn't yet managed to run the game post your terminal output please?
  9. So far I've tried: Vanilla Wine 7.13 Vanilla Wine 7.13 + Staging Lutris-Wine-7.2 (custom build provided by Lutris team) This is on a Debian 9 system (it's old but worked fine prior to this update). The issue seems to be very hit or miss. To ANet devs: If you're reading this, it would help us Linux users a huge deal if you revert the CoherentUI update.
  10. Game crashes on Vanilla Wine 7.13 + Staging. Gonna attempt a clean Wine 7.13 (without staging), should that fail too I think the report goes to Wine
  11. From the looks of it, it appears the issue is present even outside my package. I'm trying to pinpoint the exact cause of the crash. Currently compiling a standard Vanilla Wine 7.13 + Staging patches and see where it goes from there. Will keep you posted.
  12. I've been running 1.10.2 for a few days now before putting it into a new release. Unfortunately I still get the same issue with it. I've also disabled dxvk entirely and still getting same error. In terminal I noticed the following line too which I hadn't seen before: 0180:fixme:cryptasn:CRYPT_GetBuiltinDecoder Unsupported decoder for lpszStructType 0180:fixme:cryptasn:CRYPT_GetBuiltinDecoder Unsupported decoder for lpszStructType
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