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  1. Here the same, nobody answer, nobody take care of the problem kitten are you doing ? i don't have the gems neither the Living world season 4 and in the middle of this lost the money and have no game I feel for you buddy. Update - Still no answers on my tickets. i guess we just keep waiting or something lol
  2. Is five days without a answer normal? Seems kinda long even with a high volume of tickets. Guess I just keep waiting...
  3. This thread made my day. Balance team need to read throu this and un-f*** the necro class.
  4. A very sad thing but might be true :disappointed_relieved: Bro, honestly dont be like me hoping for a change. Waited 2 years for nothing. Just reroll and you will save yourself from so much annoyence.
  5. Qtfy deleted condi scourge from benchmark.Do yourself a favor and just reroll to another class. Ive been maining necro for 2 years hoping for competitive dps in raida.At least i got 2 weeks. The fun is over, time to reroll.
  6. Sick of not beeing accepted for raids.So after 2 years as necro main, enough is enough.Time to reroll to another class. And also, necros not having competetive dps for the 2 years i played is such a joke.Never have i experienced this in any other mmo i played. Gg anet balance team.
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