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  1. The DX12 guy had them smooth. Something to work on in the future
  2. Camera turn producing low fps unlike DX12 where it was butter smooth
  3. This guy is on FA, a pretty stacked server in it's own right... A pot calling the kettle black at it's finest.. Stop crying!
  4. lots of left clicking... the combat aint touching gw2 but it's perfect casual game for the social justice 2021 mmo players with amazon big dollar backing
  5. Atleast with that skill there's some counter play.. I can hear the sound and Dodge.. way better than all the crappy 1200 pulls
  6. Exactly... This is what ends up happening. Bigger groups end up using it making the out number fights even harder..
  7. Pulling commanders a legit tactic? Lol. In a gamemode where players and guilds dropping like flies you would think anet would protect commanders giving players content and something to do in their game. How about making a group of your own to fight the "boon ball" or bring some strip classes like Chrono, warriors and scourges. Would rather have organized groups out there than pew pew solos sniping the commander.
  8. Like you're gonna have stability on you 24/7.. anyone with a brain ain't pulling you with stability on the bar...
  9. To pull commanders and ruin fights? How come these are in the game? Don't tell me roaming.... How about limiting the range to 600 and add it to this balance patch coming up... I can't see any reason a 1200 pull is even in the game unless I'm missing something....
  10. There's a fantastic soulbeast build that aint too bad for wvw zerg play but let's be real most rangers are not playing that.. They are playing their pew pew build
  11. i put 30 fresh accounts on blackgate. Thank you Anet
  12. Even if they deleted the scrapper, you would either see:A ) More AoE healing, more stab and boons, about as much stealth (couple more mesmers, a portion of scrappers would be replaced by tempests again and others would be firebrands)B ) More condi damage (with less cleansing sustain, zergs would go more red carpet of death). Yay...? What should happen is blanket nerf on AoE boons and boon duration for all classes, all sigils, all runes. Add a blanket nerf to all passive and basic AoE healing as well and instead strengthen combo fields, like how it was in GW2 vanilla. But no. It's the eeeeeeev
  13. it's cool when it's paper. when it's T3 it's puke worthy at times when held by the right server
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