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  1. One of the biggest issue is they nerf anything that does DPS all the time. It's gonna get to a point where you can't win outnumbered unless the enemy team is all skill clicking or a real bad comp.. It's already there i guess and it's been that way for awhile. No AOE cap would be nice for DPS skills and would change the game for the better but they are too care bear to do that
  2. Ya but they have skills with no AoE cap like breach and that mesmer shield skill so they might as well limit those skills if that's the case.... even that trail of anguish on the necro hits everybody or whatever it's called.. Could make a few skills hit everyone like wells for example and expand from there..
  3. You cannot win outnumbered fights(unless they are trash) right now which makes this game garbage for guild groups atm.. Need a way for small groups to be able to kill large groups and the only way of doing that seems to be increasing the AoE cap. I doubt Anet would do it but increasing damage skills to 10 and trying it would not hurt. increasing it as you go(15 20 30 etc) would be the way to go to see if it makes the game lag or not.
  4. I think it's good but 500 people in a alliance is way too much and we've been saying that for awhile. prob should just be a guild 80-100 tops
  5. The DX12 guy had them smooth. Something to work on in the future
  6. Camera turn producing low fps unlike DX12 where it was butter smooth
  7. lots of left clicking... the combat aint touching gw2 but it's perfect casual game for the social justice 2021 mmo players with amazon big dollar backing
  8. Atleast with that skill there's some counter play.. I can hear the sound and Dodge.. way better than all the crappy 1200 pulls
  9. Exactly... This is what ends up happening. Bigger groups end up using it making the out number fights even harder..
  10. Pulling commanders a legit tactic? Lol. In a gamemode where players and guilds dropping like flies you would think anet would protect commanders giving players content and something to do in their game. How about making a group of your own to fight the "boon ball" or bring some strip classes like Chrono, warriors and scourges. Would rather have organized groups out there than pew pew solos sniping the commander.
  11. Like you're gonna have stability on you 24/7.. anyone with a brain ain't pulling you with stability on the bar...
  12. To pull commanders and ruin fights? How come these are in the game? Don't tell me roaming.... How about limiting the range to 600 and add it to this balance patch coming up... I can't see any reason a 1200 pull is even in the game unless I'm missing something....
  13. There's a fantastic soulbeast build that aint too bad for wvw zerg play but let's be real most rangers are not playing that.. They are playing their pew pew build
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