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  1. This would be a death knell to the game mode. Eternal Battlegrounds has been the most popular map, for multiple reasons. Just like Dust 2 is the most popular map in CS:GO. Desert borderlands is a failure and should be removed from rotation. With thousands of hours of WvWvW, Desert map is still NOT fun. It is not a learn to play issue.
  2. The real problem is the excessive might stacking some builds have, not celestial stats. Without any might celestial hits like a wet noodle. And yes, Harbinger is broken, but that is partly also might stacking issues. Superior rune of Aristocracy gives +50 % more might duration and 5 stacks of might for 4 seconds (8 sec with stats) after inflicting Weakness.png weakness on a foe. (Cooldown: 1 Second). Corruption turns might into weakness. Harbinger pistol #3 and dagger #5 weapon skills inflict weakness as well, so does weakening shroud trait. Basically Harbinger can output massive damage, sp
  3. Just give us useful stuff to buy with the emblems and other WvWvW related currencies (like badges of honor, xxx of heroics) or vendor which allows to convert them into gold. 1 emblem = 10 g would be fair. Pve would still earn much more gold per hour.
  4. News flash, just look at the recent match up statistics: only from 6:00 am to 7:20 am Desolation was clearly outnumbering the enemy. That is just 1 h 20 minute slot. Most of the night time the other two servers (with their links) had bigger numbers, so stop either spreading disinformation and simply outdated stuff. Saturday evening prime time enemy servers had roughly 3x or 4x our numbers. https://gw2mists.com/matches/eu
  5. EU really needs 4 tiers as there really is not enough players. With 4 tiers all servers could have link and some would have 2 links. I am also fine with merging servers permanently and getting rid of the linking system. I don't know about other servers , but on Desolation [EU] we have no link (already 3rd time in a row). There are NO queues, besides the reset evening, and even then we had a queue on one map (outnumbered on other map). Week after week already for many months our total kills and total deaths is just 1/3 or 1/4 of the highest one. And of course both opposing servers have a
  6. I also vote for 3 Alpine maps + Eternal Battlegrounds. Sometimes less is more. Desert borderlands is map, which is NOT fun to play and the distance between the towers and keeps make them tactically unimportant towards each other. I have thousands of hours vested in WvWvW. No amount of hours in Desert BL makes it even remotely fun. It is pain to play it.
  7. I play on Desolation (EU). Since we are once again without a link, we are outnumbered almost all the time, sometimes on all 4 maps at same time. Outnumbered buff should not give any stats, as that can easily be abused, but it should significantly improve the rewards from the game mode. Maybe the +5 pips was bit too much, but at least +3 pip should be given. There should also be motivation for the winning higher population servers to attack each other, instead of both praying the weaker one. Now WvWvW is often 2 vs 1, where 2 stronger servers attack the weakest one. Most people want easy wins,
  8. Desolation (EU) supposedly being full, yet having outnumbered in tier5 almost all the time. Smaller number of kills and deaths than any other server combination. If the metrics of a server population are based on anything else than actual total number of played minutes, then they are wrong. E.g. basing them number of individual players who at some point log to WvWvW doesn't make sense, as some might just log in few few minutes to do a daily. If you cannot delete a tier in EU (4 tiers would be enough), at least give us the outnumbered buff back!
  9. Yes please. Kessex hills was one of the most beautiful maps ever created in a MMORPG. Together with Queensdale they form a perfect 1st player experience. I tried the new Cantha themed expansion, but found myself going back to Kessex hills and marvel how much better the old map looks compared to the new maps. It also flows better except those sore areas, which were butchered in the Season 1. Looks better and more fun to play. Just invent a story excuse, where everything is back to normal.
  10. I cannot play at night and most evenings because of family and work and I am sure a lot others cannot just choose any time. No server should be without a link. Just abolish one tier in EU. I really don't understand why there is 5 tiers in EU, when there is literally no queues, except on reset there might be few player queue to 1 map for a short time. A full status is a joke as it doesn't feel full at all. I am guessing Arenanet is measuring something else than just total play minutes. The only thing which should matter are total minutes played by all players on server. All other measu
  11. This is just the result of Arenanet's kitten metrics. No queues on Desolation and outnumbered on multiple maps same time. Just give us the outnumbered buff back! At least +3 pips/tick if +5 extra pips/tick was too much.
  12. Why there is 5 tiers in EU? Once again the same 3 servers are left without a link and stuck to bottom tier. In previous 8 weeks (besides the two betas) Desolation had every week the lowest kill count per week and lowest death count per week. Some other servers with a healthy link and full status had more than twice the amount of kills probably because roughly 2x more players. The number of kills and deaths of course correlates with the true amount of players.
  13. Core engineer has never been a problem. The problem is that the scrapper and holosmith elite specifications are overpowered. Nerfing core traits and coefficients will hurt core as well. Engineers have never been a very common profession here in EU. You see much more guardians, necromancers, thieves, rangers etc. I have a better suggestion: All kits should do 10 % or 15 % less damage when elite specification is selected. Thus there would be a trade off. Core be left as it is as it also needs some reliable source of damage (pistol/pistol is not viable, nor it rifle).
  14. Combination of extremely high burst, and having same time some access to stealth, invulnerability, evade / blocks is toxic. To make matters worse ranger can do the burst from very long range. I have to add that some condition builds are also toxic. Condi revenant has been broken for years.
  15. Here is my list: Kits should do 10-15 % reduced damage when elite trait line is chosen. This could allow minor buff to kit damage for core without making the elites too strong. F5 toolbelt skills need buffing e.g. reduce cast times/delay, cooldown significantly. Elites don't have F5 toolbelt skill, so that would be the skill the sacrifice for elite. Improve the least used trait lines: tools, arms and inventions. 1 & 2 are both just number tweaking, sometimes requiring some change of animation as well, but overall wouldn't require too much work from Arenanet. #3 requir
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