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  1. I've been a PVPer for years: Darkfall (nastiest PVP MMO ever) Wow..basically any MMO offering PVP I've at least tried it. The one common denominator is that PVP players are a whining pain in the azz bunch who are never happy with ANYTHING. PVPers are the only ones crying about balance because some class pwned them - I'm quite frankly done with PVP because of all the whining. PVPers complained about the exact same thing in WOW: "The devs only care about PVE whine whine whine". Guild Wars 2 is one of the best MMO's ever produced and provides a ton of content for $0. Those of you not old enough to remember when in order to play a video game you had to head to the arcade and pump quarters into machines for a few mins of playtime wouldn't complain about a free game that you can play 24-7 from the comfort of your home. You just don't know the struggle :)
  2. It is already the fastest mount on land: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Movement_Speed#Mounts Still, it's my favourite as well and my default mount. Thanks for the info and the link! I had no idea the mount speeds were listed.
  3. How often do you use the other mounts now? Tell me you don't use the Skyscale all the time.
  4. I know the devs don't want full flight - I'm saying it's a horrible mechanic and I spend most of my time cursing the damn mount because it can't stay in the air. The design is flawed and NOT fun IMO. I'm not in the Vanilla Wow camp who don't want flying mounts - I WANT my mounts to fly. People can port to other maps anyway so if you want to skip content that's not problem at all.
  5. The Skyscale is an awesome mount and is an excellent addition to the mount roster. However it has one major flaw like the Griffon: it's a bird that really can't fly. I'd have to say this is one of the most annoying things Arenanet has done in the game - given us a flying mount that can't maintain flight. I know everyone has their idea of what the mounts should be and do and so do I and here it is: Skycale: Grant full flight without having to land to recharge. ELIMINATE that stupid kung-fu never-let-go-grip. Keep the ability to hover. Griffin: Grant full flight - no hovering but add superspeed much like the beetle but without having to dive first. Roller Beetle: Keep everything the same except perhaps improve the high speed control. Jackal: My favorite mount! I love the way it looks: it's made up of falling sand how cool is that? It's really unique because it's the only mount capable of traversing the sand portals. I think improving it's ground speed would entice peple to use it more. Skimmer: No need really to change this one Springer: Other than being a cute little bunny this mount's usefulness has been nerfed since the Skyscale came out. I would give it "jackrabbit" speed and double the jump height to make it more attractive. Raptor: A great mount that doesn't need to be changed. Opinions?
  6. People would just skip the content if they could fly freely. It would break the game. Honestly, this falls within the category of "things players believe they want but that would hurt more than benefit the game". HOW exactly would it break the game? The Roller Beetle is in the game and it's not broken. You can zoom through a map in seconds with that mount and yet the game isn't broken. The Skyscale can basically do the same thing if you find a high point to start from so why not just make the damn thing just FLY from any point? The mechanic is NOT fun, it's not challenging - it's annoying.
  7. I totally agree! HOT is a beautiful map and one that I spend the most of my time in but is made a lot better with the introduction of mounts. Nice to see a pro-HOT post for a change because the devs hard work should be recognized.
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