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  1. I raided back in HoT and right at the start of PoF. I managed to clear everything except Dhuum wich I got to 8% before I quit. I got to around 470 Li. Prefer DPS classes, DH main. Did Banner Boi on some bosses also. Could learn other specs without much problem. I also raid on a high level in World of Warcraft and with top parses and cutting edge achivements. Discord: Palmeer#8095 Gw2: Palmeer.2368
  2. I'm, with many others, are very disappointed in this last update. RNG can be fun, but not with the current mount skins and how it's acquired. Guild Wars 2 is currently lacking fun ingame rewards. It would have been a much more fun experience if these mount skins were used as rare like random drops from upcoming raid bosses and upcoming fractals, and maybe random drops from upcoming world bosses. And maybe some for some collections for those who don't like that sort of system. But I think it is highly needed with the current state of the game with only trash blues and greens dropping. If they w
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