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  1. Its basically another useless Bladesworn skill that looks nice visually but mechanically its garabge.
  2. Spear Swipe should be unblockable, the attack can be reflected which makes the skill redundant. Plus the range is 450, this should be changed to at least 900-1000 range. It barely hits the target if they're moving slightly.
  3. I mean its in the name. Mighty Throw should give might. Simple. It's a dps weapon any way.
  4. This whole thread funny as fk. And I don't know any of y'all 🤣.
  5. While we on the topic of animations how about we get an update on asura Axe Auto attacks ? Look how old this video is.... and look how clunky and silly looking this animation is.
  6. I've been enjoying being overpowered while it lasted. Warrior never had their chance until now it's always been a rotation of ranger, mesmer and thief, Engi just recently with PoF release, and ever since they added explosive entrance lol.
  7. they discussed balance changes ?
  8. Hadi.3167


    Skills just wasn't going off in time due to that latency lag from the zerg fight. Surprised i even got anything off during that.
  9. Hadi.3167


    There was latency lag due to zerg fight. The beginning of video was recovering from it, then showing how you burn the Willbenders movement to take them down. it's effective strategy that a lot of players fall for. You have to trap them into thinking they're about to win.
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