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  1. Best commander i followed kicked out non meta dead weight players And kept moving across all maps also had a clear.goal
  2. Wow and final fantasy 14 still have more active players then gw2. Ashes of creation is a western mmo coming out that has high hopes as it's a western game not a Korean horrible grind fest of garbage. AoC won't succeed. It's PvP oriented MMO, a niche within a genre. Warhammer Online was like this and failed. I agree with you. That is the problem with a lot of the new indie MMOs coming out which turns me off even if they have good concepts. They are all too open world PvP focused which has been proven not to work on the masses. They will all become niche games.Wasn't Vanilla wow open world pvp?
  3. MMO as genre lost its apeal now its shooters and mobas wich sells Only in the mainstream sense. I think MMORPGs can still exist and thrive (just look at some of those 10+ year MMORPGs) but won't be sustainable if they are chasing after the newest features. Like for me, I couldn't really give 2 kittens about GW2's lauded twitch combat mechanics and its high action-esque content, for me I just like the races and the voice/personalities they have and had the game gone for an old skool tab-targeted, dice-roll type of gameplay but gave 10x the build options and 2x the race options, I'd have liked the game 500% more. Hell, if NCSoft hadn't shut down CoH so I could just play both (GW2 for when I want combat closer to action combat and CoH when I want to craft personal characters, builds and stories), I'd have been 45,000% more happy with that.COH was really underrated, right out of the box you felt beast and the story was very well done I hope we get a COH 2 esque game in the near futureMany games can thrive at once
  4. Being very pvp centric i bought the living world season 3 just for the mata .. Omg having a blast ' I know i sound like some advertisement but wanted to add the value this game has Not sandbox but awesome
  5. The game is awesome ! Has a little bit for everyone , stable population and fast pace pvp Yet, to the vocal minority its not enough, Has there ever been the perfect game? Wow?
  6. It sounds like you need to step away from the game for a while Enjoy other things and once you get the bug again come back or its time to move on and appreciate the good memories
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