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  1. Unstable Cosmic Essences are needed for acquiring Simon The Fractal Cat yet they no longer drop? What's happening with that?
  2. Her character model also never showed up on the mat next to Evon Gnashblade. As to volume, while it did have issues, I think her character model was actually a few meters down hill and underground as her volume was quite loud when in front of Gnashblade (As Halcyon stated) but it wasn't quite so intense but still ouder then it should have been, as if the voice-to-distance-volume algorhthym was rounding down or started at a higher base value. ... OR ... Evon Gnashbalde is theoretically loosing it and he's hearing voices of Ellen Kiel who actually died in Lion's Arch and he hasn't actually noti
  3. Super Adventure Box has to stay, even if it is seasonal as some Guild Hall Upgrades requires items from the event.What I would like to see , is as someone else posted, a Gem Store 'Infinite Continue Coin' for those really interested in it all the time. For those who are somewhat interested, maybe have one use coins good for 48 hours and they could be the same price as Transmutation charges in the gem store OR, really rare drops, Not as rare as Black Chest Keys are, out in PvE, or a possibility from leveling bonus chests in WvW, or a bonus item from character leveling at certain point. I thi
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