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  1. You need assassin gear for 100% crit. After that, if you have spare stats, you can get some boon duration if you are struggling. I just tested it for a while. You shouldn't need more than 25%, like ever. If you really need more, run a phantasm utility instead.
  2. Interesting. How many phantasms are you running? I assume you have some utilities. I am mainly bummed about out of combat alacrity tbh, where you would use the well right before the fight begins and also when the bosses are immune to damage or on downtimes etc.
  3. The well was suppose to be supplementary to stretched time. As it stands, Mesmer is back to "needs to do perfect rotation and can only grant boon when in combat and targets to hit". Anet literally said they want to move away from this, but we are back to exactly where we left off.
  4. Yes. You might actually need 100% boon duration for alacrity now. What is Anet doing.
  5. In the preview of the patch, well of action was going to grant alacrity instead of superspeed, but that seems to have been cancelled? Why? Since wells no longer grant alacrity, they are in a very bad place now. Well of precognition is the only one you use now I guess
  6. You need to keep a few things in mind. Switching weapons. With greatsword, mirrorblade provides might. If fights take long, improved alacrity makes swordsman become ready again before might expires, adding up. And well of action perfectly becomes ready as you use it so long as you are under alacrity, which is pretty easy with this build. The other way is using continuum split.
  7. There are many virtuoso builds out there, but I will share my Chrono build, which has a very high skill ceiling but if played well is ridiculously powerful. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAExzlNwYYNsFWJOyKdtPA-zRRYbRNGOszIMVQESBVeAEGBgp77AUB-e The build will have 95% to 100% uptime on 25 might, fury, alacrity and quickness. It has a lot of block and can pretty much break the bar of anything solo. It also has 100% crit chance, which allows it to fully utilize improved alacrity trait. The damage is pretty high too and you can alternate between ranged kiting, or getting in with melee for burst windows, using your blocks and cc. You can make some changes to the build as you see fit. I feel like greatsword and mainhand sword are needed, but you can replace off-hand sword with shield. Sadly, the build needs some +5 precision infusions to reach 100% crit chance, but you can get some pretty cheap from WvW. Your healing comes from wells, all wells heal and the cooldown of your wells will be really low when you have 100% alacrity uptime. However, the build is extremely good at mitigating damage to begin with. If you have trouble with boon uptime, you can spam soul pastries food. It's 100 concentration and 70 power and it's a few coppers. You can be under it's effect pretty much forever.
  8. Correct. But generally, either quickness provider heals or alacrity provider heals in fractals, not both. The other one focuses on boon/damage.
  9. No, heal chrono is not good. So if you want to do alacrity Chrono in fractals, you want to be full damage build that provides alacrity. I recommend mix of Assassin and Diviner gear, so you have 100% crit chance with fury and some boon duration. With this build, you want quickness firebrand that can heal. Good combo. Then you get 3 dps.
  10. Power Alacrity Chrono could work in Fractals as replacement to power alac renegade. You have similar dps, more cc and various utilities.
  11. Yes, but again, you have mech. Mirage needs to be in combat to provide alacrity, now more so than ever as randomly ambushing gives so little alacrity now. Anytime there is a downtime in fighting, which many fights have it, alacrity will fall off, even harder than before as you need clones for it now. Previously you could stall for a while by ambushing with staff without target, now the solo duration is too low. You will sill be great in soulless horror and twin largos, but don't forget Mech has confusion as well, so you are not that much better. Quickness Chrono has the same problem. You must be in combat and attacking, or you can't give quickness.
  12. Mirage is nerfed though. Being good at two bosses now. The issue with Mesmer players is not the dps. Quickness and Alacrity roles, whether coming from mirage or Chrono are rather scuffed, especially compared to other providers of these boons. Mirage's alacrity uptime is very fragile and it's taken for the damage. A single interruption means alac uptime will go down, whereas Mech does not have this problem. Mesmer has to be in combat, hitting things, and even then the alac uptime is low. Alac mirage is notorious for having low alac uptime.
  13. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiABwyx7lNwYYNMNWJW6WatPA-zRRYbRPGOszIMpQEqAVeQCkeAVA-e This is the solo build that has permanent alacrity/quickness/fury/might and also permanent 100% crit chance while under fury. You do need some WvW infusions for it though, if you don't have them, change the gear a bit. This build is merely a template, tweak it as you like, but some fundamentals are necessary. You don't need toughness or vitality from gear, Jadebot vitality is enough. You have so much defensive abilities on this build, it's more than enough. All of them recharge so fast and you can reset them on top of it. You also get extra healing from wells trait. Well of Precog is insanely powerful when used properly. You can also do a greatsword variant of this build, replace illusions with domination if doing so. Oh and Mimic on the build is a placeholder, you can run whatever you want for one of your utility slots. (And for those who don't know, sigil of celerity does not actually need interrupt, if you CC the enemy it works. Also works on break bars, so it's basically free quickness every 20 seconds a lot of our skills have cc on them and coupled with other sources , the result is permanent quickness)
  14. You get alacrity on shatter, and if your team has an alacrity provider, you should have 95%+ uptime. If not, the alacrity provider is failing. Gaining alacrity on shatters basically counters alacrity lasting for less time on you, so you get as much alacrity as anyone else, which should be close to 100% in group content. If solo, self alacrity is stronger than Chronophantasmia as well. Solo chrono can have permanent quickness, alacrity, fury and high stacks of might. It's a specific build though. So you only take well of action in group content with a failing alacrity provider?
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