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  1. The DPS will get lower on certain bosses, but perhaps you are missing a bit more than usual in terms of hitting stuff. Aetherblade is also a bit unforgiving for condi dps as a whole, since there is a lot of downtime and target switching.
  2. Firebrand is arguably the best user of celestial stat. So I would definitely recommend that for open world. It's expensive to get, but don't rush it. Farm it in your own pace, and when you are done, this will be your best open world build and can pretty much do everything with it.
  3. Yes, the ONE mode in game Firebrand is not meta. How sad. Anyway.
  4. Not all blunt weapons are created equal. It's been YEARS since any Mesmer player has reached top 3, least of all top 1. So this "blunt weapon" has the skill ceiling to reach the top. If you watch his stream, he sometimes changes his build depending on who he is facing. Willbender/Guardian is a very versatile combination, allowing you to modify how much of Damage/mobility/cleanse/defense you want to have. It is in fact a better Herald, who used to be exactly this, but weaker. I wonder which spec people think is performing better than Willbender right now in it's role. Especially in ranked
  5. Why is this important? Spam AoE at the siege engine and it will hit them. Of all the issues to complain about stealth, this one is at the bottom of the list.
  6. I mean you can run mimic instead of signet if inspiration on quickness chrono and do double quickness well. This guarantees quickness uptime way more than inspiration and Chrono does not need swiftness since it's 25% faster permanently. Inspiration signet and traits are not bad, but they have really fallen off recently. Mirage can turn signet usages into ambush, so it's a different story. Any signet almost serves the same purpose.
  7. What content are you supporting in? There is always a better utility to take. Inspiration trait line in general has much less value. Run something else for damage. Unless you are tanking and need a lot of self sustain, Inspiration is a waste on Chrono now. Also did you miss the title? They are talking about none traited. A skill should not need a grandmaster trait to not be utterly useless.
  8. That doesn't feel good at all. Chronomancer brought alacrity into the game, it even has the icon of it. The clock class provides the clock boon. Classes like Mechanist do healing/alacrity, so Chronomancer providing both alacrity and quickness is not overpowered, so long as it also can't heal (which it can't). They need to make the wells pulsing instead of being at the end, and increase duration of it gained from the well. The wells already have a pulsing animation and have 3 pulses.
  9. The reactions are due to you becoming a living meme in mesmer section. Every time and I really mean every single time someone makes a very valid complaint about Mesmer, you appear as the contrarian. It's almost a bot-like behavior at this point. Signet if Inspiration needs immediate changes, there is ZERO reason to run it. Swiftness uptime is bad, and when you use it, you will have no uptime. If you are using signet of inspiration you are shooting yourself in the foot.
  10. It's not good, that match is a unicorn. Only in unranked and bronze someone can claim Mesmer is OP, because it has some oppressive mechanics for people who don't know what they are doing. But anyone with simple knowledge will know how to deal with it.
  11. I literally killed a soulbeast with 2 spam on deadeye before coming here. Did not see me coming, marked him, gained quickness with trait and nuked him out of existence. I use Valkyrie stat with hidden killer from critical strikes. It's literally a matter of who sees who first. I think you are underestimating DE burst. But I am not underestimating Soulbeast one. Who gets to act first is important, and if deadeye wants to run away, Soulbeast is not going to stop it with sic em build, and deadeye is not going to be in teamfights a lot anyway. It's a 1v1 or 2v2 class.
  12. Sic em is not pulsing reveal. One DE elite gets rid of the reveal. Sic em soulbeast is as much in risk of getting killed very quickly by Deadeye as well.
  13. Stat nerfing/removal did not work well in pvp. There has to be another way. Like nerf sustain itself.
  14. It's expensive, but Celestial is amazing for Catalyst. You have permanent might, fury and quickness uptime, so what this does is you get almost the same damage as marauder, but you bring a lot of utility for yourself. Sustain, boons, condis etc. But Celestial gear can be expensive, so look it up. If not, Marauder is the cheaper alternative.
  15. Celestial Virtuoso can be outsustained by any build that has sustain. Endless 1v1 is hardly a new thing in WvW. It has no damage basically. Also annoying does not mean strong, and DH trapper runes in roaming is pretty annoying, because it's not just stealth, it's superspeed and stealth, so they can reposition better than anything in the game. Jokes on you for thinking I play Mesmer in WvW, I stopped when they made Mirage one dodge. Now I play Spectre and show Necros who has a better shroud (Hint: it's Spectre)
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