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  1. Warrior using a staff is a solid choice, especially for support builds. Here are my thoughts on the weapon: Balanced Strike, Reverse Strike, Inspiring Whirl (staff 1): reduce the cast time of Inspiring Whirl from 0.75 to 0.5 seconds and increase the regeneration duration from 3.25 to 5 seconds. Valiant Leap (staff 2): make it a blast finisher. Line Breaker (staff 3): reduce the weakness and cripple duration from 5.25 seconds to 3 seconds and remove the unblockable boon on ally target, the heal, protection, aegis and stun breaker are more than enough. Snap Pull (staff 4): reduce the number of targets from 5 to 3 and reduce the pull range from 600 to 300. Defiant Roar (staff 5): reduce the resistance duration from 6.25 seconds to 5 seconds.
  2. Revenant using a scepter is a solid choice, however there are some skills that need to be nerfed. Here are my thoughts on the weapon: Serene Slash, Acerbic Cut, Motivating Whirl (scepter 1): reduce the cast time on Serene Slash and Acerbic Cut from 0.5 to 0.25 seconds and change the animation so it properly matches the attack range. Blossoming Aura (scepter 2): reduce the weakness duration from 4 to 2 seconds in PvP/WvW and reduce the range from 900 to 300 because this skill becomes stronger only from autoattacks at 300 range. Otherwordly Attraction (scepter 3): the upkeep cost is too low and you can just keep scepter 3 active on an enemy, use scepter 2 with autoattacks and the enemy is permanently weakened, crippled and slowed. Increase the upkeep cost and reduce the duration on crippled from 2.75 seconds to 1.5 seconds and slowed from 1.25 to 0.50 seconds.
  3. Thief using an axe isn't a bad choice, however it was somewhat too strong in the beta. Here are my thoughts on the weapon: Spinning Axe (axe 1): reduce the duration on spinning axes from 10 to 5 seconds. Venomous Valley (axe 2): reduce the number of axes from 3 to 2. Harrowing Storm (axe 3): reduce the number of torment stacks from 2 to 1, remove the immobilize and increase the initiative cost from 4 to 6.
  4. Ranger using maces isn't a bad weapon choice, however the main-hand mace could be better. Here are my thoughts on the weapons: Germinate, Burgeon, Cultivate (mace 1): no changes needed. Flourish (mace 2): either reduce the healing and regeneration duration or increase the cooldown on this skill from 6 to 8. Oaken Cudgel (mace 3): replace the stun with a daze. Thistleguard (mace 4): reduce the number of conditions removed from 2 to 1. Wild Strikes (mace 5): no changes needed.
  5. Necromancer using one sword would've been fine, similar to weaver, but it wasn't necessary to use two swords. Here are my thoughts on the weapons: Enervation Blade, Enervation Echo, Deathly Enervation (sword 1): reduce the chill duration on Deathly Enervation from 2.5 to 1 second. Ravenous Wave (sword 2): reduce the life force. Gorge (sword 3): reduce the boon corrupted from 2 to 1 and remove the life cost. Gormandize (sword 4): remove the chilled condition and increase the additional damage dealt. Consume (sword 5): make the orb of death magic detonate instead of traveling back to the necromancer.
  6. I can somewhat understand thief using a rifle for the whole sniper theme with Deadeye, but it doesn't fit for mesmer. Here are my thoughts on the weapon: Friendly Fire (rifle 1): no changes needed. Journey (rifle 2): remove the cripple. Abstraction (rifle 3): remove the blindness, the high damage and 6.5 seconds of weakness is more than enough. Phantasmal Sharpshooter (rifle 4): replace the stun with a daze. Dimensional Aperture (rifle 5): teleport the mesmer to the targeted area and leave a portal entry for teammates to follow where the mesmer teleported.
  7. Guardian using a pistol is bad enough, but two? This is without a doubt the worst weapon decision for guardian, it doesn't fit the holy knight / paladin theme at all. Anyways, here are my thoughts on the weapons: Through the Heart (pistol 1): no changes needed. Peacekeeper (pistol 2): reduce the number of targets from 5 to 3 and change its angle to a cone so you have to aim at enemies. Symbol of Ignition (pistol 3): can apply a lot of burn stacks with skills like Peacekeeper and Whirling Light, so increase the ignition time from 0.25 to 0.5 seconds. Hail of Justice (pistol 4): remove the cripple. This skill already applies bleed, pierces targets and it's an ammo skill, the cripple would make it more annoying to deal with. Jurisdiction (pistol 5): reduce the charge time from 2 to 1.5 seconds and make the blue fire ball knockback enemies only when it's fully charged.
  8. Engineer using a shortbow isn't a bad idea, however in the beta, it's not as fun as I thought it would be. Here are my thoughts on the weapon: Arc Detonator (shortbow 1): make it apply weakness instead of vulnerability like it says in the tooltip, but it doesn't. Essence of Animated Sand (shortbow 2): reduce the cripple duration from 1.25 seconds to 0.75 seconds. Essence of Living Shadows (shortbow 3): increase the healing. Essence of Liquid Wrath (shortbow 4): reduce the initial might stack from 5 to 3. Essence of Borrowed Time (shortbow 5): reduce the stun duration from 2 to 1 second and reduce the slow duration from 1.25 seconds to 0.50 seconds.
  9. Even if I think that elementalist using a pistol is stupid and doesn't fit the profession's theme, here are my thoughts on the weapon: Scorching Shot (pistol 1 fire): no changes needed. Raging Ricochet (pistol 2 fire): reduce the duration on the 5% condition damage from 10 to 8 seconds in PvE and from 10 to 5 seconds in PvP/WvW. Searing Salvo (pistol 3 fire): make it a blast finisher. Soothing Splash (pistol 1 water): should heal both the elementalist and teammates for each condition on the enemy. Friggid Flurry (pistol 2 water): replace the bleeding with condition cleansing and add the ice bullet icon in the tooltip. Glacial Shot (pistol 3 water): no changes needed. Electric Exposure (pistol 1 air): no changes needed. Dazing Discharge (pistol 2 air): reduce the daze duration from 1.5 to 1 second. Aerial Agility (pistol 3 air): change it so it fires an enemy on the first dash and if you hit an enemy, you can dash and shoot again and make it remove immobilize, cripple and chill when you dash without an air bullet. Piercing Pebble (pistol 1 earth): no changes needed. Shattering Stone (pistol 2 earth): increase the bleed stacks from 1 to 3 when using an earth bullet. Boulder Blast (pistol 3 earth): remove the immobilize, make it apply barrier without an earth bullet and have it knockdown an enemy if you use an earth bullet.
  10. Of all things to focus for engineer, why condition holosmith? Does nobody at ArenaNet know that core engineer exists? Holosmith is a power specialization, not a condition specialization. 4 of the 5 Photon Forge skills are power based and Photon Blitz is the only condition skill that applies burning. I don't know why you would buff condition holosmith when you can just buff core condition engineer which is, in my opinion, better than condition holosmith. And you can give it more buffs rather than just reducing the cooldown on Incendiary Ammo from 40 to 20 seconds in PvE only. Not saying I don't appreciate it, but I think more buffs would've been appreciated. Let's hope that the June 27th balance patch offers more meaningful changes rather than just lowering or increasing cooldowns.
  11. I wouldn't say that both Death Magic and Blood Magic are entirely useless, but they definitely could use a few buffs. Even without Death Magic, necromancer has the most abilities to cleanse conditions, like Consume Conditions, Well of Power, Spectral Walk, Putrid Mark (staff 4), Deathly Swarm (dagger 4) and many more. I think necromancer would deal with crowd control better if ArenaNet brought back the Soul Reaping trait called Foot in the Grave, which turned shroud into a stun breaker with 3 seconds of stability. In 2020, ArenaNet replaced Foot in the Grave with Eternal Life, a boring passive trait that gives 3 seconds of protection when you enter shroud and life force when not in shroud, but only up to 66% in PvE, 20% in WvW and 10% in PvP. If berserker can have Savage Instinct, which turns berserk mode into a stun breaker with 2 seconds of damage immunity, I don't see why necromancer can't have Foot in the Grave back.
  12. The changes for engineer's tool kit and elementalist's scepter are good, even if I think these two professions could've used a few more buffs. Deadeye being able to move while kneeling, even if it's really slow at 25% movement speed is an interesting buff in PvE, but Firebrand's tome rework is definitely the most interesting change about this patch and I'm curious to see how it turns out.
  13. I like the rework for engineer's Takedown Round. It's a weak trait that I never use, but after this update, I might try it out and see how much it would improve core engineer's damage in all game modes. Nerfing the boon removal, stability and resolution skills of support builds in WvW is good as some of them can be problematic especially in zergs. I also like the buffs for warrior like "Shake It Off!" having a shorter cooldown and Shield Master giving warrior adrenaline instead of might. Warrior is getting the most buffs in this update which is always good to see underperforming professions getting buffed. What I don't like about this update is removing the tradeoffs for the elite specializations. Why would you remove them? They are a good way to balance elite specializations. Soulbeast was one of the most broken elite specialization in Path of Fire and having two pets meant that it can use a pet like the smokescale for combat and have a bird pet to move faster, in other words more options for damage and mobility compared to core ranger. Removing this tradeoff will make core ranger obsolete in PvP and WvW like it did back when Path of Fire was released. Also, why you would remove the tradeoff for ranger and berserker, but not mirage or holosmith. Mirage still has one dodge and Holosmith doesn't have access to the elite toolbelt skill (F5). You can balance elite specializations to be on the same level as core professions even if they have tradeoffs, but having no tradeoffs means that there are no downsides to using elite specializations, makes core professions obsolete and will leave F2P players at a disadvantage.
  14. Why would you nerf the elixir gun and the med kit? They're good the way they are now. If you really want to give other support options, then nerf Mechanist, not the kits. Other than that, good buffs for every profession, though I wish I'd see buffs or any improvements for core engineer. You can start by not nerfing kits.
  15. Even if they do something like that, it's still something to teach new players about the defiance bar and how to break it. Besides, not too long ago they added how much defiance break certain weapon and utility skills do in their tooltips, just to help new players figure out which weapon and utility skill deals CC.
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