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  1. Hello, not sure if this has been posted/reported yet. The refill button closes the game when you click on it.
  2. try moving to a capital city or lion's arch and try using it again. Ah that was it. Thank you! It seems that one cannot unlock those while inside SAB.
  3. I just purchased this item from the gem store (Inf. Continue Coin + Super Bee Dog Mail Carrier + SAB o Fun) and when I right click the carrier in my inventory, the only option is either Preview or Destroy. I am not sure if this is already a known issue but I hope this gets noticed and maybe get fixed.
  4. Experiencing the same thing, my ping is usually around 200 - 275 (Philippines) but after the latest patch, it's sitting around 700+. I really hoped this gets fixed soon.
  5. Oh my, I can't believe that this is still bugged. I guess the really work around for now is to camp that area and wait until a new update or patch is released.Though I did remember the day that I got that collection done (last post - July 30, 2020), stayed there for a couple of hours and the event did occur a couple of times.
  6. Update: I was able to do the event after this small patch. I also tried camping and it seems the rid the pact camp of tar elementals are also happening constantly now on R&D Waypoint. The IP I was able to do this event is ( Hope this help y'all doing this collection as well.
  7. Yeah I second this. I remember a collection I did back then where I just bought the item from an NPC needed for the collection without doing the chain events. Why can't they just implement this.
  8. So a few updates:First, I've received the answer to my ticket regarding this issue. Said they can't force the event to start nor provide the needed item for the collection. Suggesting that I should go in different IP of Cursed Shore or try on daily reset. That's all they said regarding this Second, A fellow player who was also waiting for this event message me about a month ago that "there was an ANet staff investigating the event. He said, should be able to finish the collection by the next patch." So I logged back hoping that the event is now working, but yeah it's still bugged. Want to repe
  9. IKR. Haven't had the chance to see that event progressed since December of 2019. Try sending a ticket and also report the bug in-game. Just a heads up though, I've also sent a ticket 5 days ago and no one in the support team have contacted me since.
  10. So yeah after taking a long break from the game, checked back again and to my surprise it's still bugged - 6 months and counting at least on my experience. I don't like it that me and other future players who will also do this collection will have to rely on day after an update hoping the event will work or hoping that another IP for the map will pop-up knowing that Cursed Shore is not as populated as before. I also submitted a ticket but no one is replying to my query. This is just frustrating. Is there anyway to bump up this post so that at least one staff member will notice this?
  11. Hello sorry. I was on a break from the game mainly because of my frustration on this back in December 2019. Sadly, I was unable to log immediately after the new update came. I just logged and camp for a few to see if the event will happen.
  12. Hi, I just want to ask if anyone is also encountering the same problem? (NA server) I need the event "Destroy the Risen broodmother to free Rakkan" in order to purchase the item (Experimental Remnant) I need to continue on to the quest but I've been stuck for more than a week because the event won't trigger. I have also send a bug report in-game after 2 days of waiting. The Skritt NPC Rakkan is near the R&D Waypoint in Cursed Shore. I'm also checking the Known Issue Tracker daily but there's a notice of undergoing maintenance. It's also listed there with the status "In Progress" . I was ac
  13. Hey, I was typing in on google infusions stat swap and our thread shows up. I really hope devs can get back to us to verify this one out. Still holding on to that ghostly.
  14. oh i see. so it cant be stat swap then? the ghostly? guess i'm just gonna hold on to it for awhile maybe they'll add it on the future."Added Mystic Forge recipes with swappable states to existing cosmetic infusions, such as Celestial Infusion, Chak Infusion, Ghostly Infusion, etc." - i guess i understood this wrong? Thanks for the information anyways.
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