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  1. I would have recommended playing daredevil with invigorating precision, but since the IP nerf it's not beginner friendly anymore. Specter would have better survivability if you can learn to use the shadow shroud effectively, but it's not as easy and straightforward gameplay.
  2. I came back to my scrapper after trying the new specs from EoD, and my first reaction was what the actual fuk. 15% to 5% is just plain kitten, and I noticed that there was barely any barrier at all when I was doing some open world stuff. Worst of all the -180 vitality is still there. Scrapper is not even a bursty class like holosmith so 5% can't do jack kitten, and this is barrier not even healing. I feel this is even more detrimental than thief invigorating precision nerf since this is part of the core trait so it's always will be there when you
  3. Human Male Engineer There is a clipping issue with my character's face when wearing the virtual box helmet from SAB. It's around the upper cheek area. I've shown the face in the picture as well. It's one of the non-exclusive face. https://imgur.com/a/IGQGf5a
  4. You should have use your stab when start charging unless your got hit by more than 1 CC. Another possibility is you your dragon trigger in under 8s because the trait that give stab has 8s cd while dragon trigger only has 7s.
  5. You have 3 seconds of stab when you use your dragon trigger so it should save you from at least one cc unless you charge for too long then your stab will expire. It only takes 2.5s for full charge so there should be enough time. You also have skill 4 to block incoming attack with aegis as well which can saves you from cc if you time it right.
  6. Well they did change the CD in recent patch, but even with lower CD the damage per animation time for gunsaber skill is just bad. Blooming fire is meant to be your damaging skill and yet it only has slightly higher damage than axe skill 2 which has faster animation and even hit more target as well. And I think axe auto attack deals more damage as well with faster animation except the third auto. Also GS auto deals more damage even without the trait. They probably need to buff the damage or make the animation faster to make it feels powerful.
  7. The problem is that gunsaber hit like a fukin wet noodles in PVE and you are forced to have it as your second weapon set which is rather annoying.
  8. It only provides better self sustain against attack that doesn't kill you(e.g. mob auto attack) and not better defense as if tough mob or boss do high damage attack you will get one shot regardless how fast you heal from IP if you don't have high enough toughness or vitality. So in essence you are practically still squishy even with IP if you are not careful but you have better self sustain since you can't just dodge all the mobs frequent auto attack and the likes.
  9. I actually don't mind self rooting as it makes you learn to position yourself or predict the mobs movement kinda like the greatsword in monster hunter game, and you also get aegis and short shadowstep as well. And I also like big numbers from dragon trigger especially when you hit over 150k damage in one hit kinda like the greatsword from monster hunter game as well as I mentioned earlier. If the mobs move too far you can also use skill 2 and 3 to get more range though lower damage.
  10. Cleaving 5 targets is just the best scenario, but realistically speaking it doesn't always happen and when you are soloing a single tough mob like those in HoT maps it will never heal you that much. Hence why people complain about it as the main use of the trait is for soloing contents not in a group where you have a dedicated healer.
  11. I don't mind not having a second weapon set as long gunsaber can actually do damage in PVE.
  12. There is a timer, but it's a tight window for expert so that CD is not helping at all. I have around 240 ping as well so the CD made it even worse if not impossible.
  13. There is an experimental build for bladesworn on discretize and the rotation literally doesn't even use any of the gunsaber skill. So what's the point locking the gunsaber into one of the weapon slot when it hits like wet noodles in PVE.
  14. It seems it's one of those undodgeable mechanic, and if you get launched when dodging as vindicator you won't be able to use any skill until relog. This is a gamebreaking bug.
  15. There is a short CD if you want to press the same button twice, and if you are unlucky to get something 3 or more same button in a sequence you won't be able to finish on time due to the short CD between pressing the same button. I only play the expert one so can't say about the other difficulty.
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