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  1. Hi, we're stuck in a ranked game, OMID.8751 and xxandi.7418
  2. And I just wanted to add, this only happens in GW2. All other games/apps run smoothly.
  3. Hi everyoneLately I've been getting almost periodic disconnects with the error 7:11. In worst cases it happens every 10-15 mins in instanced areas(WvW, PVP, fractals, story mode) and it's sucking the fun out of the game entirely. I've submitted a ticket 20 days ago with no answer. I've opened all GW2 ports and updated my modem's firmware, contacted my ISP, and they said I had a smooth connection. I'm guessing this might be a router issue or a packet loss issue. Is there anyway I can pinpoint the problem?Also, I tried to play the game using a VPN, but there is no way in game to make sure the ga
  4. Whenever someone disconnects during a pvp match, when they try to log back in, the game first loads the map the character was queuing from, not the pvp map. So most of the times it takes 4 or 5 times the time it takes to load a pvp map (because most pve or lobby maps are very detailed and full of players). Is it a technical issue or is this fixable? This could help decrease a lot of frustrations in regards to disconnects.
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