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  1. I'm super glad someone understands why I made this post. I'm somewhat taken by surprise and at the same time i'm not with the amount of people disagreeing with me. Dry Top is a perfect example. It's verticality, in my opinion, makes it frustrating to play. Having a flying mount is a massive game changer
  2. Again you are confusing me. I have never said get rid of either mount nor verticality, I am stating that the verticality is so much that you need mounts to enjoy the content. If you start designing EoD from a verticality perspective then the player has to grind out previous expansions in order to enjoy the current one. This directly translates to grind and then enjoy, rather than enjoy first and then grind for a bonus feature. It means the player absolutely has to get flying mounts or springers and their respective mastery to progress and have fun. Stricly speaking, you do not nee
  3. I have no idea how you came to this reply. I never said mounts are not good, I am saying the verticality makes the game less enjoyable if you do not have access to the mounts and their masteries. If they decide to make Cantha vertically oriented as much as previous expansions, it does make the mounts a requirement or you're going to have a bad time.
  4. Hiya, I am a returning player and have been an avid fan since Guild Wars 1 and early GW2 beta's. I'm going to keep this short without mega walls of text to explain the issues that I am seeing. Mounts and not having them and in particular the Griffon and Skyscale make the maps that we see today more like a chore than enjoyment. I felt like I absolutely have to rush to get the flying mounts in order to not get frustrated with the extreme verticality throughout the maps. This goes for all of them since Heart of Thorns has been released. The verticality is so abundant
  5. Title. I rarely post on forums but I would like to be more of use for my team in WvW. I've recently come back to playing the game and Thief is my oldest and most played character. I feel like nearly all of our abilities are narrowly designed into a single use. My groups don't want me in zergs and I can only pick off stragglers outside of the main blob. Doing that is extremely hard in massive fights such as in Stonemist. I find that a mix of venomshare and staff Daredevil works to a playable degree to help out the main blob, but pales in comparison to the powercreep of other classes
  6. Looking forward to seeing suggestions of mechanics, bookmarked this for future use
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