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  1. Still happens in 2021, don't get why it hasn't been fixed yet lmao
  2. Hello, was looking for a guild as i've returned recently and is kinda new (not really new new) but haven't played the game much, mayb for a month overall.And was looking for friendly pve focused (pvp is okay, but i ain't touching it, at least for now) and was wondering if y'all doing fractals, events, raids, etc and can maybe show me around :)
  3. As the title says, me and a mate (mate is a newer player) both looking for an active danish guild, who doesn't mind returning/newer players, whom are focused mostly on PvE (but also pvp as he wanna do that) HMU if any further questions:)
  4. I swear to everything heaven on earth, this dumbass event is a waste of freaking time, no indication for how long it lasts, whenever you throw his shit at him, it doesn't either hit EVEN when ya mouse is over his fat ass, freaking fuck this shit is frustrating as fuck and the person / people who made this, should get ya nuts cut off.. EDIT: Aight, imma keep what I wrote, but I found out using the indicator (as in spell indicator) makes it 300% easier, tried without (dont ask why) had like 10 tries, no success, once with indicator (only one time) and got it.
  5. Hey guys, Im kinda new to GW2 and at the moment looking for a friendly, PvX guild.Requirements: I would like a guild which is either danish or english speaking.
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