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  1. I think it is possible. The greatsword gets more dangerous the further you are from your enemies. My rule of thumb has been to have a ranged weapon with a melee if I cannot retain the distance between myself and the enemies. However, you could use your skill bar to your advantage if that is your preferred style. Also, the greatsword is a reliable ranged weapon. It is not a projectile; it cannot be reflected. It can be blocked or negated through invulnerability. That effectively shuts down a few skills or mechanics enemy units might employ during battle. For now, you can practice any way y
  2. That's a great suggestion. I also suggested that ANET make the armor, weapons, and trinkets similar to legendary items. You can check a box while selecting a stat to copy those stats to all the pieces in that category. So if you chose berserker, you could select a box and apply it to all the other equipped armor pieces. Likewise, you check berserk on weapons, and it will be applied to all your equipped weapons, so on and so forth. The danger with your suggestion is that while it sounds good, it will likely cause issues for those who like to min/max.
  3. This post is just a general beta suggestion for the future. The last beta week only afforded us three slots to create an elite beta spec. Soon, this became frustrating as I wanted to get a good feel for all of the select specs coming out with End of Dragons. While I did take them all for a spin, it was so tedious rebuilding the beta characters. The following are some suggestions for future 9-Profession betas: 1. Allow for checking the stats for them to copy over to all the pieces (similar to legendary armor, trinkets, weapons) you want for Armor and Weapons and Trinkets. - My lights pr
  4. I like that idea a lot. I completely agree with you. The kinetic battery is underpowered for a grandmaster trait. In PVP/www, it's ridiculous to even consider it because even a decent amount of concentration gives minimal payoff. You cannot get good enough uptime. In addition, you have to hit five times, and the payoff is underwhelming. Engineers have so much access to super speed and even quickness. What is the point of that trait? The extra damage is a good idea. The value should be relatively high to make it fit into builds. Currently, I run tools, alchemy, and holo. Holo is the hybrid supp
  5. I like this trait line, but I feel as though it needs significant improvements. Other traits lines with the engineer class have powerful grandmasters. The tools grandmasters have lackluster traits. Gadgeteer does not need to be a grandmaster; adrenal implant could use a second skill fact; kinetic battery is very underpowered and makes core engineer with this trait line just silly. A little bit of superspeed and quickness? I'd rather play scrapper at that rate. Tools used to be the ferocity line way back in the day. The engineer always had unique traits. I don't even know where to begin with ch
  6. I am all about the Spector e-spec. It is was done really, really well. I had so much fun being able to single target buff and pierce buff. Rot Whallow was a well though out mechanic. Even though you are buffing you are still indirectly contributing to the DPS of the fight. I saw the torment takes your expertise and condition damage. Really nice to see that tick. Then when you are done buffing you can play tactical support and immobilize targets while chucking a great deal of torment on the target. Things I particularly liked: The Rot Whallow mechanic is awesome Scepter/Pistol f
  7. Good suggestion. I think they should incentivize defending objectives. So much potential there for ANET. The whole conquer and move on tactic gets old keep. We will just cap it again 😄 is a detrimental mentality. Defense should be awarded just as much as offense. I feel like it encourages this hit and run style of gameplay for those PPT groups. Can we not have just the opposite? Those groups that focus on defense would add an interesting level of gameplay. The challenge with that would be to structure in a way where it doesn't cause a stalemate which could end up being a big issue.
  8. Good insight. Also, I ~kind of~ get the argument about it being easy. BUT I feel like the time to get it can be factored into that equation which, to me, actually makes it the most daunting to go after... Time is a real thing and to ignore that assumes that people have all the time in the world to play GW2 on a regular basis. Couldn't agree more. And what is worse you have to cap it on a weekly basis just to finish the "fastest route" which is 7 months and a half.
  9. Ah, excellent point. It seems like PvE is the favored route. That kind of stinks cause I know many people who don't even want to touch PvE, so PvP or WvW is their only option. Stat change on the fly is nice in WvW. I already got Light Legendary armor from PvE a couple of years ago. I am currently going for Medium in WvW and Heavy in PvP. I'm already halfway there for PvP, and I am at 2 075 tickets for WvW. I've been raiding almost every night for a couple of hours and scrambling to finish the weekly skirmish tickets by Friday. I don't have the time to be in WvW for 8 hours a day to ensure I ge
  10. Yes, exactly. No ticket increase. It will be easier to finish the reward track, but the ticket cap will still be there. I feel that requiring fewer tickets for the Legendary armor or more per week is also a good idea. I'm not saying they should change it drastically, but it would be a lot more realistic to shave at least two months, at the least, off the time it takes to get the Legendary pieces. 7.5 months.. a half of year, and then some is ridiculous.
  11. Yes, the focus was just the pip increase. The cap is at the same. That's the core issue of the topic. Oof, I don't quite understand this.. could you clarify please. XD
  12. Ah, didn't know that.. Still think they could shave like a couple of months off of it... Like a half a year and 1.5 month is a bit outrageous.
  13. We'll be making some quality-of-life changes to World vs World in the November 9 release. Your feedback is clear: skirmish reward tracks take entirely too long to complete, especially for new players or players who are playing on the third-place team in a match up. To address this, we'll be increasing the number of skirmish pips earned for match placement from 3/4/5 to 4/5/6. We'll also be adding a new +1 bonus skirmish pip for players with a WvW rank between 1-149. Existing rank-based pip bonuses will also increase by +1 (so a total of +2 for Bronze, +3 for silver, and so on).
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